Welcome Marainta!

Old account is on my old laptop, so therefore this is when I’m not using my old computer… which is all the time, lol.

Some of you may still know me as Marainta, a nation that in name was active on NS up until December-ish this year. However, I’ve still been around for long before and after Marainta existed: most of my time has been spent in TSP, where I’d found a home among all the madness.
Others might not recognize “Marainta”, an indicator that I need to restore that nation soon enough, but for those of you who do, hello again! I do still currently have some puppet nations in TSP, notably the leaderboard climbers of Hugyg and Amaen, and although I only very rarely post on puppets I do still actively tend to those two!

So, here I am again. Time to steal Evi’s SPIT >:)

Welcome to the South Pacific’s forums! We are happy to have you here!

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you get settled, besides refilling your borrowed SPIT glass.

gives Marainta a fresh glass of SPIT


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