Welcome Jamesrokno01!

Just a regular guy trying a new game,

Searched up for “make a country games” and ended up in NationStates. I’m hoping to have fun by playing the game and just enjoy doing something in my free time. Started playing in 29/10/23 so im basically new here.

Hope to have fun while learning what it takes to be a leader of a country(and the responsibilities it takes while doing so).


Welcome–great to have you join us. I found NS by searching basically the same thing earlier this year, and I’ve had a great time playing!

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Thanks, I wanted to play a game related to Geography and Politics and I just found this game. Before I played Conflict of Nations WW3 and it’s basically similiar to NS( just with some big differences but it kind of gives you the same feel of playing NS, but more strategy and you pick a “real country” instead of making one).

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If you haven’t already, consider checking out out our welcome dispatch here: NationStates | Dispatch | Introduction to NationStates and the South Pacific (Click here if you are new!). It’s a great introduction to both TSP and NS more generally.


Welcome! Glad to have you!

If you’re interested in running a country, you could also consider writing history, lore, and other relevant information in dispatches :grin:

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Welcome to the Forums! It’s always great to have new members join us ^^

Welcome to the South Pacific!

Once you get over the initial hurdle of learning in the first few days/weeks, you’ll love this game. Let me know if there is anything I can do to assist!

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