Welcome in Koky Consultate"

"Gaylord 31 years old self-employed in crypto and finance Passionate about travel by its culture and its diversity. My hobbies are shopping, fitness and cooking.

hello gaylord the crypto expert what crypto do u invest in?

hello, I discovered Bitcoin in 2018 which I practice mining and I have my own cryptocurrency “Token ZUUM”.

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Ah yes, Gaylord, the Crypto Master!

Just like the ancient prophecies foretold!

In all seriousness tho, welcome @Gaylord


gaylord do u buy NFTs



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Welcome to "Koky"Open Consultat Hello, This is Mr. Makoko Gaylord “King Kingdom"of Koky” It is with great pleasure that I am honored to inform you of the opening of the “Koky” consultat

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