Welcome Greater_Lamero!

I saw a telegram, this assembly looked the most interesting so i read some more and i decided that i should join.
I think it will be great to interact with other people who also play this game.
Tooday so i dont knoe much stuff

Hey there and welcome to the South Pacific! Glad to hear you’re interested in our Assembly and community (we love them too :stuck_out_tongue:) and I hope to see you around in our discussions in and out of Assembly halls.

We all start out not knowing much stuff, so don’t worry about that. I promise we’re a friendly bunch and happy to answer any questions you may have!

Welcome to the South Pacific!

Pronoun definitely hit the nail on the head! Just jump in an learn through observation, and you’ll be just fine. Also, ask lots of questions, I am here if you have any.

Welcome! Good to see new people here!

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