Welcome Eluvatar!

I learned about the South Pacific when I saw their statement of support to The North Pacific in 2006 following The Lexicon’s declaration of war.

I am looking forward to keeping an eye on what’s happening.

I first started playing NationStates in January 2004.

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Welcome Elu!

Seems strange when I first joined The South Pacific’s offsite forums in 2007 (I’m pretty sure), but there you are. Hello!

Any tips for orienting myself around here for someone more used to non-discourse NationStates forums?

This guide may be of use to you:

Thanks, that helps understand how TSP is using Discourse a tiny bit better.

Welcome to the South Pacific forums!

We are happy to have you here! What finally brought you to the South Pacific?

I realized I didn’t have an account on your latest forum after I went to check if there was any TNP-related news here.

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