Welcome Drystar!

Really? Okay, made it.


Hi there, welcome on the new forum! :smiley:

This is going to take a bit more work

Really depends on what you’re gonna do.
In case of a rp-comeback: It’s like a clean slate we’re having here rn :stuck_out_tongue:

For the other things going on in TSP: I’m not really knowledgable enough about them, but I’m sure once one gets used to the new style of forum, it won’t feel like as much work as it does right now!

Why will this take “work?”

Because it looks like a discord style on phone and finding things I want to find is painful. Hence, it’s going to take “work” to adjust it. I’m only here for the doughnuts anyway.

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I see. You’ll get used it; I use mobile mostly know and I’ve acclimated towards it.

It keeps tampering with my emoticons >:I

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Like I said, going to take a bit of time, but I’m getting used to the setup.

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Good luck