Welcome Doomakarn!

Greetings from the Republic of Ekrixia! It is a nation I created on the 29th of October OOCly this year, but was created ICly all the way back in 1500 (Yes, 1500 exactly). It seeks to optimize the wellbeing and freedom of its inhabitants, and hopefully our neighbors in doing so.

I learned about TSP through the tags of other feeder regions, in search of a more democratic and less authoritarian regional government with more flexibility, safety and diversified opinions and views; and decided that this would be the best option for that goal.

Looking forward to engaging in some RP here and there with a preference for diplomacy and negotiation over warfare.

Welcome! Always exciting to meet folks interested in RP :smile:

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Hello! The roleplays here are pretty great, and Iā€™d highly recommend joing the discords :slight_smile: .

Iā€™m glad we could provide. Welcome to the party, boss!