Welcome Detroix!

Hello, I’m glad to join this community. I learned about TSP through NationStates, which I started playing around a year ago. TSP was my starting region, and I’m looking to get further involved with the community and do some roleplay.


Welcome to the Forums! :sparkles:

Welcome! It’s always great to see new roleplayers — don’t be shy if you want any help settling in!



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Hello! If you want to join roleplay, I suggest joining the TSPRP server! It’s where most of the discussion happens about the roleplay, while actual roleplay happens on the forums.

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Welcome to the South Pacific!

We are happy to help you get settled in any way we can! Please just reach out!

I have one question. How do I know if my plot request was accepted?

Your plot will be accepted/denied within a few weeks of submission generally. The delay in processing is due to the fact that the map makers must fill in your application to the map, which can be a time consuming process.

The best way to find out what if that occurred would be to return to the application thread and look for a quote of your post with the result.

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From what I can tell by looking at it, your request is valid and will be accepted by the Pacifica map managers. It’s also important to know that you don’t have to wait for your request to be officially added to the map before you can start roleplaying.


howdy and welcome @Detroix

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