Welcome Darakin!

I’ve been lurking in TSP since 2005, I’ve just never had time to be involved.
I’m always surprised if I get pinged in RMB or in dispatches. It’s a pleasant reminder that someone found me in the nation list.
I hope that you have a great time in TSP!

Hello! Maybe I’ll ping you for a friendly surprise!


Hello there!

If you ever feel inclined to get involved more and receive more feel good pings*, why not take a look at our roleplaying section? :smiley:
And even if not: Damn, 2005 is a long time already. And here we are sometimes discussing, if people will stay another 8 years. It’s certainly a possibility! Awesome, that you still stick around ^^

Welcome ^^ I did not expect someone from 2005 to be still here, wow.

Helloooo there