Welcome abc! You're our most favorite member!


Welcome to the South Pacific!


Welcome to the South Pacific!

What brings you to the forums?

(just realized this lol)

Just to communicate with others in a more forum-like way.

We also have a mentorship program that you can be a part of if you are looking to get integrated into the South Pacific that much faster! Reply to this post if you are interested!

I’m interested!
Might consider being a mentor after!

That is the natural progression that we are looking for! Soon you’ll be a pillar of the community!

Oh, I believe that.
10 days in and already kind of a regular and now a legislator!
Hoping to become a justice like you!

Am I assigned to flowerpetal?

That is the initial pairing I had in mind, but it’s more of an “I put you down so I know to follow up” list for me at this point.

Ideally, every person on that list is someone who can assist you. You can work with who you are assigned to or anyone else that you like. I am just as free to assist you, even if I am not “marked” as your mentor.

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Okay, cool!

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