Weisserstein-Fatiniyya Diplomatic visit

The Sultan calmly listens to the reciting of the Qur’an by one of his aides. The melody, calming to the Sultan’s ear. The soft wind breezing in the palace’s balcony, the sound of birds chirping and trees rustling. It was a calm day in the Islamic Sultanate.

The Wahidat Jamila Palace, one of the many residences of the Sultan

But news of terrible events, namely multiple ongoing conflicts, brought the Fatiniyyan Sultanate to once again seek remilitarization., expanding its own defense capabilities. In this effort, Fatiniyya has had one loyal partner, the Empire of Weisserstein.

Today, the Weissersteiner Chancellor would come for a diplomatic visit to the Sultanate amidst the rise of conflict in the wider region. The Sultan has sent the Fatiniyyan Grand Vizier, Hamdan al-Waqim to greet the Chancellor in his arrival, before escorting him to the Wahidat Jamila.

In the Fatiniyyan capital of Darussalam, the Grand Vizier awaits the arrival of the Weissersteiner Chancellor. Banners containing the flags of both nations adorn Sultan Usman II International Airport, sometimes referred as Darussalam International. The Grand Vizier’s aides began preparation, as the Chancellor would arrive soon.


Chancellor Müller found himself once again on a plane heading for another state visit, this time to an old ally of the Kaiserreich, the Sultanate of Fatiniyya. Fatiniyya had been a close ally to Weisserstein since as early as the 9th century, when Arab merchants from Fatiniyya established trading hubs in parts of modern-day Lowenia. Müller prepared himself as his plane was nearing its destination.

Müller hoped that maintaining the close relations between Weisserstein and Fatiniyya could not only secure both nations’ interests, but also help prevent the spread of regional instability, namely due to Fatiniyya bordering both Frost-controlled Reizen and the DPRR, which had recently been a source of conflict.

As his plane arrives in the Sultan Usman II International Airport, Müller descended to meet with the Grand Vizier of Fatiniyya, Hamdan al-Waqim. As he stepped out of his plane, he could see the Weissersteiner tricolor and the Fatiniyyan flag flying side by side. Müller greets the Grand Vizier.

“Peace upon you, Grand Vizier, it is an honor to be here”

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“The honor is all mine, Chancellor. And peace upon you too.” the Grand Vizier greeted the Weissersteiner Chancellor Muller before shaking his hand.

Behind him, the His Majesty the Sultan’s Most Esteemed Orchestra, the main musical ensemble of the Sultanate Armed Forces, plays the Weissersteiner anthem, while flags of both Weisserstein and Fatiniyya fly in the sky. Banners welcoming the chancellor can be seen brought by locals in the airport.

Three slick, shining black cadillac arrived to escort the chancellor to the Wahidat Jamila palace. A series of men in black suit and sunglasses secured the area. While the Sultanate is relatively stable and safe compared to the rest of the continent, it was better to be prepared than to have an unwanted incident to occur.

Al-Waqim and the chancellor entered the middle cadillac, and the convoy began moving. Inside the middle cadillac was the Grand Vizier’s personal driver, Faris Ismail.

“Peace upon you, Faris.”

“Peace upon you too, Grand Vizier. To the Wahidat Jamila?”

“Yes please, Faris, thank you.”

“It is my pleasure, Grand Vizier. And it is such an honor to be able to drive such a renowned guest, Mr. Chancellor.”

The convoy began moving, and Al-Waqim began small talks with the chancellor.

“So, Chancellor Muller. How are you enjoying Fatiniyya so far?”


“Well, this is certainly a very warm welcome.” The Chancellor responds.

He looks around from the window of his car, he could see waving flags of Red-and-Green accompanied by the colors of Black-White-Blue, the flags of the two nations.

Perhaps the saying “hospitality is a Fatiniyyan specialty” rings true after all, the Chancellor thought to himself.

“Again, Grand Vizier, I’m honored to be here. I’ve heard stories about Fatiniyya from an ocean away. Tales of gold and prosperity only one can dream of. A tale of a righteous people.” Müller reiterated. “I feel more than welcomed here, Mr. Al-Waqim.”