Weisserstein and Yttria's Trade Discusson

This is between Yttria and Weisserstien ONLY. Please do not post on this if you aren’t myself or Weisserstein.

This forum page has been made in advance of the actual meeting for convenience of both parties

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@Weisserstein (I’m avoiding saying anything about your Chancellor to give you complete freedom of detail)
“Ah, Chancellor Müller, welcome to Yttria!” Rico Strombour says. He walks across the path, flanked by his bodyguards, to shake his hand. “Although the flowers in the meeting-hall garden are lovely this time of year, it would be improper of me not to welcome you into our ministry of foreign affairs.”

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“Hello, President Strombour, and thank you for the warm welcome”

The Chancellor walks up to President Strombour to accept his handshake.

“Well, I must say this place is quite extraordinary.”

“Yes, we take a lot of pride in our ministry of foreign affairs. This may be a bit unusual to you, but our ministries double as meeting halls for the aspects of Yttria that they pertain to. Thus, all foreign leaders are hosted here,” Rico Strombour explains, leading the chancellor into the building. Rico dismisses the bodyguards. Continuing into the building, the two leaders find themselves in a great room, the far end of which containing their destination.

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“It certainly is unique!” the Chancellor replied

Chancellor Müller walks alongside President Strombour. Yttria is quite an extraordinary place. So far his visit seems to be quite enjoyable.

As they got closer to their destination, Chancellor Müller begins to read his notes.

opening trade between our countries, opening Yttria to possible Weissersteiner investors, maybe allow Weissersteiner companies to set up shop as well? Sounds quite solid.

Also, if I recall correctly Yttria went through a pretty rough crash. Perhaps development aid could also help stabilize the economy?

The two arrive in the meeting Hall. Two large, bulletproof windows allow light to pour into the chamber. In the center of the room a circular table waits for them.
“Before we begin talks of trade, we should get to know more about each others nations. As you’re my guest, I’ll go first.” President Ruco says, pausing for a minute. “This nation has never seen war. We have always remained neutral in conflicts around us, and we had a peaceful seperation from our foreign colonizers.”

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“Well, our nation fought a Civil War between 1938 till 1945, but after those dark times, we remained quite stable. We remained neutral throughout most conflicts thereafter.”

The Chancellor remain stunned with the decor of the room, especially the large bulletproof windows.

its quite an astonishing view

“We’ve focused on reconstruction after the Civil War. After that, we focused mostly on economic development. And well, here we are now.”

“Ah, yes, the economy…” President Rico begins. “We used to have a completely gocernment controlled economy. With the low wealth gap, and the bubble we surroundes ourselves in, it worked really well. The crash came when we made the switch to capitalism around 35 years ago, and it only got worse when we started to pierce our little bubble. But, we will endure. We just need time to get back on our feet.”

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"Of course. As the saying goes, time heals all wounds, so I’m more than sure that the Yttrian economy would stabilize in time, and policies that promote economic growth would certainly help.

Now, with the economy in mind, should we begin discussions regarding trade?" the Chancellor asked president Strombour.

“Yes, you’re right. Our country is by no means small, but it can feel a little cramped sometimes. We’ve adapted to use as little land as possible. Because of that, our fish farms are efficient and by far our best good at the moment. Our most important fish are the Whitewater Salmon and the Cordilian Bass. What would make an equal trade to you?”

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currently, the demands for fish in Weisserstein overweights the supply of it. Perhaps this is an opportunity to fulfill those demands.

“I see. Is there any goods you are lacking in? Perhaps agricultural products or other?”

“We were forced to export some of our agricultural products, and our farms aren’t equipped to handle the additional demand. Trading for food would be a lifesaver. I understand you also grow crops that require mountains to grow? Perhaps we could come to some sort of agreement in that regard as well?”

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“Of course! We could discuss trading for foodstuffs, as it appears beneficial in fulfilling demands in both our states. And, we could also discuss more regarding mountain crops if you are interested.”

“Trading for your foodstuffs would be essential to getting us back on our feet. We weren’t really prepared when we switched back to capitalism, and we hadn’t yet recovered once we started trading our recourses. We could let your companies rent out some of our mountain space for a discounted price. We’d get payments and tax revenue, and they’d get cheap land to work with”

“That sounds like a solid deal. They would also help in creating new job opportunities” the Chancellor answered

“Speaking of which, do you need any sort of help in stabilizing your economy?”

“You’re already helping enough. This trade agreement and potential renting of land will help us, and as long as we secure more trade agreements we’ll be pulling ourselves into prosperity before the decade is up.”

“Very well then. Let us hope that the trade and land rent proposition will help in the coming future”

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“For the benefits of both our nations. Would you to the honors of accepting our proposed trade agreement?”

“Of course, it’d be a pleasure!”

with a stroke of a pen, the trade agreement between Weisserstein and Yttria is finalized

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