WCTA Policy Discussion

All members of the WCTA, consisting of Thalapadis, Valora, Ryccia, Yttria, and UPRAN, are to agree upon a policy for the WCTA to ensure stable and safe trade.

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Who wants to start the discussion?

Ooc: This was your idea, you should start it, idk what I’d even talk about

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fine >:(

Everything from this point is IC

My esteemed colleagues, today we are gathered to create an economically beneficial alliance, one that very well may change the face of Cordilia by the end of the century. However, before we can even think about the future benefits, we must make the effort in the now. A policy must be put in place to not only keep our economies stable, but to help them grow.

To start, Yttria believes a system of free trade between our members will be vital. However, we believe that it should be eased into, perhaps by the year 2025 at the latest.

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The Rhaynan Government agrees to the idea of a free trade policy between our states, we believe it’s a vital step that should be taken sooner than later, but we agree to the date of 2025.


The thalapadian government agrees with the values presented by yittria and UPRAN

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Next, Yttria feels there’s a need to discuss membership into the WCTA. Would we let countries like Humania join? Should the WCTA stay exclusive to Western nations?

Thalapadis is strongly oposed to humania joining

“A state openly braking international law being allowed to join would just ruin the reputation of the organization. We are not lifting our sanctions on them any time soon and won’t allow them to join this. If anything i recomend the whole organisation puts sanctions on them”

Said the Thalapadian ambassador to the WCTA

We agree that Humania shouldn’t be let it, but I think the more vital part is how we choose to let countries in

We think that the best first but optional step is to decide what exactly is west Cordillia and that voting on future members should be done by a qualified majority

West Cordilia in Yttria’s eyes is the west coast of Cordilia.