VACOS 2023: Cooperation in a Tumultuous Pacifica

The Pacifica Economic Forum is an annual convention of economic & political leaders in the varcathian resort Văcoș (Austral: Vacos) in the the Duchy of Arcaș, Kingdom of Stoinia. During this event, speakers from around the world and of various backgrounds reflect & debate on the global market, hoping to formulate new strategies on set theme each year. Politicians, business leaders, economists, thinkers, & philosophers all band together to find global solutions to global problems

This year’s theme is Cooperation in a Tumultuous Pacifica. In various panels this theme will be tackled for a whole week from January 21 to January 28 from different perspectives. Ranging from technology, economy to political philosophy. The most memorable quotes of speakers are collected in this summary.


Gheorghe Vlaicu

Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Stoinia
"The Cross Mediterranean Economic Community has been an example of what Pacifica needs. A healthy relationship through commerce, goodwill & mutual contribution. Each region around Pacifica needs a similar collaborative economic project to deter any conflicts from spawning. The key to a peaceful Pacifica is through mutually beneficial commerce."
Panel: Bailtemmic Cooperation

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Fifi DePfeffel

Chancellor of the Exchequer - United States of Izaakia, Ex-Mayor of New Mako/Izaakston
"The development of the global economy can only be achieved by free trade, free business and free people. The formation of highly regulated and protectionist trading blocs is a step backwards in the development of the region. We should aim to tear down trade boundaries, reduce regulation and lower taxes in order to promote economic growth. "
Panel: Institute of Free Trade

Aziz Traore

President of the Republic of Evinea
"In this rapidly growing world, it is becoming more integral and necessary to broaden technological capabilities to capitalize on the global economy. In order to advance, nations have to keep up with the times to be able to effectively bring renewed and needed growth to their nations. We should aim for progress through new innovations and ideas, all of which will lead to a stronger and more united global economy."
Panel: Technology's Influence in Our Economy
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HRH Relia Cuza-Cantacuzino

Princess of Stoinia & Duchess Sebeș
"The South Pacific needs to work together to help refugees. In this era of globalisation, we shouldn't forget the rights & needs of our fellow Pacificans. Nations have to work together so that we may manage refugee crises efficiently & swiftly."
Panel: Solution to Migratory Problems