United star news

United star news is a non profit based in greenhaven which’s goal is to allow access to news from all different sources to every nation in the cluster. It employs it’s own ships to transfer data across the cluster. It is the only company of it’s kind in the cluster and has faced backlash from different nations for it’s whole existence, but no one has been able to stop it.

(This is Agrippa’s equivalent of A1-0’s interstellar holo quick news)


320 AG

Vrinnian system command has reported a Promethean fleet considering of 4 ships (1 cruiser, 1 destroyer and two frigates) has entered Vrinn’s star and has reported that it will pass trough Karak to get to outer systems rumored to be controlled by the collective of rogue AI that have left Gaia after the passing of the AI rights and regulation act. The fleet is expected to exit technocracy territory in 4 days.


The 320 AG Association Conference has commenced today!

More News to follow.

In other news today,

  • Cascadium Deposit in Blazefelt Pass discovered, miners ran to the system to dig it all up

  • Commissioning of FFL-219, an XLR Crossbow Pattern Vessel occurred today