Union Embassies

This will be a list of International Embassies located in the Union.

Those (Formerly) Located at the Hawk International Embassy Building
-The Kingdom Of Stoinia
-The Republic Of Sedunn(Formerly The Kingdom Of Sedunn)
-The Kingdom Of Spiras(Formerly the Democratic People’s Socialist Federation Of Spiras)(Ian Dalca)
-The Ryccian Federation
-The United States Of Izaakia
-The Republic Of Sallodesia
-The Republic Of Myria
-The Imperial Frost Federation
-The Peocracy Of Huawan
-The Federal Republic Of Gianalta(Gi-Land)
-The United Kingdom Of Nicholas and Great Britain(Abandoned in 2009)
-The Kingdom Of Valora(Came under Ryccian Control around 2020)
-The Kingdom Of Atlantis(Came under Gianlucian Control in 2011)

Those Located in Copenhagens International District
-The Thalapadian Congressional Republic
-Placeholder 2
-Placeholder 3
-Placeholder 4
-Placeholder 5

Those Located in Kingston
-The Denverian Federation(Vacant)
-The Free State Of Ludville(Victor Stilov)
-The Cimbrian Confederation(Terrance Trout)

For those who most likely have or had an embassy, you can choose to either replace the Placeholders, or be located in either Kingston or Hawk(currently temporarily relocated to Kingston due to Nuking of Hawk on June 1st, 2022). Also, for those joining or having already joined, please list your ambassador.