UDSAF-SPSF Joint Ops (Major 2023-08-22)

It was a wonderous night. The city shone bright with the vibrant though dark colours. In the shadows far outside the city however some assassins, legionary, and magical peeps await to make their moves, while the allied forces back at the Lunar base were ready to strike against them.

This is not that story however.

Back in the bright bustling heart of downtown, the streets were alive and was filled with activity. V-Tuber streams were up on every big screen you can think of. Not just any V-tubers, all of them were from one company:


It was almost like it was a takeover. No, it was a takeover. Places formerly home to Love Live and Idolmaster idols and a few others (such as Chika Fujiwara, Nakano sisters, and most notably Junko) were cleared out. The Headquarters of Love Live and Gensokyo had been taken over with Nijisanji content everywhere, while the 765 Production building had been downsized, with only idols present from 2005 being there with no Million Live idols.

Except for one…

Meanwhile, the Idol stood just outside Fort Chisato Arashi. Seeing all the vast changes happening in the span of a few hours, they sought to restore order to the city in which they resided in, as well as their idol friends. However, they couldn’t do it alone.

With the likes of Zero Two (Code002) and the Cerasus from the South Pacific Special Forces (Esfalsa), and the King’s Guard Division coming from the Union of Democratic States (Glaciosia) joining the fray, the crew were ready.

The Idol and Zero Two then headed off into their first destination: Nijigasaki.

Not a moment too soon (heh), they arrived, and it was like a totally different world. Livestreaming was in progress. Or rather, the Idol and friends found themselves in some kind of game, a massive multiplayer crossover role-playing game. Upon entering, the words “World 1-1” was displayed up above, and the Nijigasaki High sign was edited to say Nijisanji instead. The Idol called out for their idol friends.

But they didn’t come.

Rather, Honma Himawari and Akane Kotonoha (the latter ironically the star of this show despite being a Voiceroid, not from Nijisanji) had appeared, whom laughed before disappearing. The area then transformed into the classic World 1-1 from the 1985 game, Super Mario Bros. Both the Idol and Zero Two both went on to not play the game it was meant to be played and flew over all the enemies in sight. Before long, Zero Two managed to reach the flagpole at the end, thus securing the location.

This was quite a game. The Idol and Zero Two went forth and stopped by the former residency of several idols (except for Akane Kotonoha a copy of her was there instead) before making it to World 2-1: Initial D.

The Kings Guard had managed to arrive by this point, and the crew ended spending some time drifting through corners chasing after the Nijisanji crew. The 14th division ended up winning after passing through the final checkpoint.

After this point, they went further down the huge city, before taking a detour through a portal that led to Junko’s former location, followed by a visit to Gensokyo. Fitting enough, Shizuha Aki whom formerly resided here before departing elsewhere months ago, came back to take care of fighting off the Nijisanji crew while bringing the joys of Autumn and the Idol brining along the ever-famous Pumpkin Spice flavoured coffees and lattes! Even in a sea of Eggnog lovers in the South Pacific, I know that we’ll be safe and sound.

Safe and sound
Safe and sound
Hold your ground
Safe and sound

After the Idol sung the rest of that song, they moved on and soon made their way to the 765 Production building. It was a trip, and despite seemingly having travelled back in 2005, Nijisanji remained omnipresent. However, remember when I said there was one idol from Million Live remaining?

She was there.

Despite the year now being 2005, Kotoha Tanaka, stood strong against the reversal of time and against the summoned Regi trio and Deoxys that the Nijisanji crew sent out. The Crazy Backup Dancers, Zero Two’s crew, and the King’s Guard had arrived on scene, though weren’t really a match against the Pokémon. Luckily the Idol brought along two of their own, and sent out Dialga and Palkia! While the fight was on, Zero Two took her chance to sneak around, and managed to enter the building. She entered the main office, and after a fight with 2005 Kotori Otonashi, took control of the building.

The rest of the time was spent stopping by more former residences before finally making it all the way to the centre of downtown: Love Live. The place where Megumi Fujishima and Kinako Sakurakoji stood proud, with Okina Matara acting as the guardian and Kanon Shibuya as the supreme goddess of this section of the city.

Or was.

Nijisanji, after having proved that taking down Nijigasaki wasn’t good enough, the crew managed to take control of the heart of downtown despite great efforts and resistance from the residents. Nijigasaki was hereby disbanded, and the guardians seemingly stuck in their own dream worlds (aside from Kinako Sakurakoji whom was elsewhere for a while now). When the forces arrived, they had to fight Amagase Muyu in a one-on-one battle. It was an intense fight, and despite Muyu’s attempts to eat their dreams, she was defeated, and the flag from the castle at the end was torn down. World 6-1 was cleared.

It was smooth sailing for the remaining amount of time, though the worlds were cut short by the time the Idol, Zero Two, and the King’s Guard got to Itsuki Nakano’s former residence. The final World ended up being 7-3, but nevertheless it ended up being an easy fight there as it turned out to be a normal Mario level despite Nijisanji’s presence.

With the clock striking 12am at Fort Chisato Arashi, it was time to bid farewell. Zero Two ran off along with the rest of the Cerasus crew back to the South Pacific, while the King’s Guard headed back to their home the Union of Democratic States. Nijisanji had been nearly defeated, but remnants of their influence still remain. That said, many places have been restored to normal at this point, including the home base of Love Live.

The Idol went to rest in their home and was able to rest easy.

Simulation end.

AC Alex / Chimore (UDSAF) (President of the UDS)
Glaciosia (UDSAF) (Leader of the King’s Guard)
General Pronoun (SPSF) (Ice Cream fan!)
Idol Kotoha Tanaka (SPSF) (Not one to sing karaoke!)

Wargames: 25
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