Tusadu Planet Spotlight

Tusadu Planet Spotlight

The Tusadu Confederacy is a small country nestled in a remote part of the galaxy with a population of 18.23 trillion. Its capital world, Anhacū (/anhatsu:/), is the most populous planet of the country boasting a population of 11.84 billion. Its primary official language is Anhadīlku, literally “wheat-speak”. It was named after its origins as a language created for better communication between the sporadic farming communities of Anhacū. The primary species of Tusadu is the human, however other species also have great influence over other parts of the nation, and may overtake humans in population by the end of the decade. The most popular founding legend of Tusadu is that a great, ancient civilization of people called “Finland” fell while under attack from all sides by a coalition of evil, and their survivors fled their planet, called “Earth”, and travled to Anhacū and founded Tusadu. The origin of the nation outside of myth, however, is unknown.

The Tusadu Planet Spotlight is a weekly/whenever-I-feel-like-it publication putting a spotlight on a planet in Tusadu and exploring the culture, the economy, and the diversity of the planet. Each edition will feature a picture if possible, basic statistics, and two to four sections of information about the planet.


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