The South Pacific Roleplayer’s Party

Hello there fellow TSPer!

The South Pacific Roleplayer’s Party (abbreviated TSPRParty) has now been officially founded. Under Article III.1 of the Charter of the Coalition of the South Pacific, we hereby exercise our right to assembly. This party was founded on the principle to defend the TSPRP community’s autonomy as well as to further promote it as part of wider TSP culture. We believe RP should be at the forefront of TSP culture and guarantee the infrastructure to maintain it as such.

In addition, this Party aims to offer anyone the capacity to contribute to efforts to promote the TSPRP community. Be it through participating in the organisation for Growth for Both projects, legislature or brainstorming. We have a place for each RPer in our Party. A Party by and for RPers.

Party Charter:
View Party Charter here.

Policy Overview:

  • Growth for Both: Short-lived roleplay canons of roughly one month limited in scope with a focus on character arcs over stories. These would take place on the forums with an extra-canon tag. Everyone can join these projects which are built up by members of the RP community in conjunction with the Minister of Roleplay.

  • Minister of Roleplay: We advocate for an official within the Coalition who promotes the roleplaying community and its cross-communal projects as proposed in the ‘Growth for Both’ program.

  • RP Exposure: It’s the Party’s firm belief that currently, the RP community is less visible than it should be. The Party therefore would like to invest in the exposure of the roleplaying community on as many possible channels from TSP Discord server to NS links and/or dispatches as well as the onboarding process. It’s paramount that our party also offers help in the execution of RP promotion.

  • RP Autonomy: The fundamental goal of the Party is to ensure the autonomy of the RP community from other factions within the TSP community. We do not advocate for separation but for limited self-governance. We recognise that the current status quo concerning the RP community works fine and would like to keep it that way.

  • RP Culturalism: The Party believes that TSP should embrace its flourishing RP community to further add to the larger TSP culture. RP must become an important aspect of TSP culture & further developed.

  • GRILL: ‘Gracious Roleplayers Igniting Lasting Liberty’ is the mantra of our Party’s classic liberal flame. We don’t want the freedoms & rights of RPers & TSPers to be touched as they are granted by Max Berry Himself. Our roleplayers & TSPers should have as much liberty as possible to do as they wish without needless conflicts of allegiance. Be that from merely RPing, RMBing, or military service to legislating in multiple regions. We’re believe in the stance of pro-multiculturalism for TSP culture.

Any TSPer is welcome to join our Party. If you’re interested in joining the Party, please message me (Username: @based.maverick) on Discord so I may invite you to join our ranks. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them over on Discord. We’ll help you every step of the way!

Thank you all for reading and we hope to have convinced you of the merits of our Party and hope to see many of you join our ranks. Keep calm and RP on!

P.S. Approval by Greg the Chillama.