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Good time of day to you folks!

Once upon a time I proposed a book club for TSP that didn’t really go anywhere. Having talked about it briefly today there seems to be some interest in reviving it.

This post is to see if there IS interest and how it would work. We have people from all over the world and every age bracket so we would need to keep that in mind on the book selection. OR we can just talk about books we are currently reading on our own.

In general it would be a way to socialize and find new reads and talk about favorites and maybe read something together. Get a VC going or just a thread on a title. Let’s figure it out together. If y’all want.


Yea defooooooo

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I think the club should be public domain books nobody has to pirate or buy a copy. I’m against VC since I don’t own a microphone. Maybe a channel on discord about it.

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That’s a good idea. There are many good books on the public domain.
I’m not much of a reader, but this would certainly be a great incentive.

Okie dokie folks - What are we reading?

Currently I have four books in the reading line. The one I am most interested in is Anastasia by Sophie Lark - I just started it but it seems interesting so I will keep y’all updated! Oh and it is available on Kindle Unlimited!

“A certain captain rodrigo”. I don’t know if there is a translation of the book into english, but it was written by Érico Veríssimo. It is a very interesting novel and the story so far is as well, although it is far from over. I stopped halfway through the book and will make time to finish it.
By the way, I also want to re-read “The Little Prince”, I don’t remember much, but I remember loving it the first time I read it…

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Okie dokie folks! Now that summer is unofficially here let’s get the ball rolling on the Book Reading Series where we pick one to read together and I (or someone else) can read it in VC (peeps can listen if they don’t wanna talk- there is a channel for the talking!)

We can start with Shakespeare or any other suggestions!

I’ll put forth the Tragedy of Julius Caesar.

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