Treating the Ill, Under Fire (Local Security Forces, TFS Vs. UES Andrei III) [RETCONNED]

(OOC: This is a follow up RP from the Wormhole War. Two Emeraldian Pilots, shot out of space, are taken to the Sahiria Station Medical Research Hub, for treatment of their injuries, as the TFS Admiral Eliza departs for the front lines of the SDR-TFS War.)

Sahiria Station Medical Research Hub

Forty Six Stardate after ABH-003 Withdrawal

The two humans onboard Sahiria Station were sitting in the medical bay, the only Serniani being the Pilot’s Doctor, Miss Faith, having been transferred to Sahiria to accompany the Humans

“Good Gates. These places are far more sterile than you think. Are you guys doing alright? First days on a Medical Research Station are odd enough. Especially if you are new.”


Unknown Space
Cmdr. Joshua Tolsov and Lt. William Nielson

(JT)“Yeah, never better…”

Tolsov was visibly angry, he was now a POW held at a location unknown to the Union, and Nielson was trying to adjust to that very fact. Unknown to either of the trio, the Union had managed to just barely track their busted communicators.

(LN)“You do realize the Union will eventually come for us right? They never leave a man behind, ever”

The two pilots had managed to talk to each other using the ancient Denvari Langauges, which both knew were hard to translate without a Translator, and confused a U.T.'s logic circuits.

(In Denvari)(JT)“How are you doing LT?”

(ID)(LN)“Never better, Cmdr, do you have a plan?”

(ID)(JT)“Not yet, this facility is too guarded, if we try anything, we’ll be killed”

(ID)(LN)“That’s comforting”


“If we could’ve, we would’ve let you go. Only reason you two can’t leave this specific room is because of oxygen saturation. I’m wearing an oxygen mask, because we had to tune this room specifically for human oxygen levels. If you were able to breathe the PPM that we could, you would be able to walk around under supervision.”

Faith’s pager buzzes

“Faith. No, I can’t leave them here. Look, you aren’t getting it. Human. Not Serniani. They are different from us. They already think you want to hold them hostage. Look, you figure out on your end, how to contact them. Ask around. I know we had contact with them I was there.”

Faith looks back at the two Union Pilots, before sitting down in a chair and taking out a notepad

“We’ll figure something out. In the meantime, tell me a bit about your star nation so I have something recorded when you eventually leave.”


Unknown Space
Cmdr. Joshua Tolsov and Lt. William Nielson

(JT)“Well… Under Royal Order#67 of 1950, it says that any Military Forces captured by an Enemy of the Kingdom of Emerald shall only reveal their Rank, Name, and Service Branch as Info, as we are under the United Emeraldian Navy as Naval Aviators, we cannot reveal anything about the Emeraldian Union, sorry.”

(LN)“Yeah, and as the Union Of Emerald is the legal successor of the Kingdom of Emerald, we still follow centuries old Royal Orders.”

Meanwhile, at the Wormhole

Capt. Mihai Bucur
UES Andrei III CLS-1278-03
“The Wormhole”

It was time to initiate Operation: Behind, as was directed by Fleet Admiral Nelson of the 3rd Fleet, and directly ordered by his Majesty. The UES Andrei III, a modified Cuza Class Light Cruiser, which was carrying one of Emeralds few Cloaking Devices, would be the first Coalition Vessel to enter the Wormhole. Its mission? Rescuing Commander Joshua Tolsov and Lt. Nielson, both of whom were taken as POW’s. Many thought that after the Sereniani Retreat, both were lost, but as the Serniani Fleet went through the Wormhole, Emerald managed to track Nielsons intact Communicator, and its relative position had been located. The vessel would enter the Wormhole, jump to where the Pilots were located, and extract them using the Vessels Marine Compliment. Relatively simple Mihai thought.

(CM)“Prepare to enter Wormhole, make sure our Stealth Drive is engaged the instant we exit the Wormhole, just in case we encounter Sereniani Forces.”

(Conn)“Prepare to enter Wormhole, Aye”




Deserted. The entire area, was destroyed. Station? Gone, traces of explosions. And the GAW Relay? Destroyed. And of course, the mines. They were everywhere. Good Gates, the Serniani mined this place to the Nexus and back. The only spot clear of mines were the wormhole, and where the GAW Relay once was, and the automated sentries are, not equipped with guns, but with sensor suites

Sahiria Medical

“Shame. Alright then, so I have some medical bylaws to follow. Nielson, you specifically. Right. Not worth it. So, Nielson, you need to undergo some surgery to remove a little debris piece. Yeah, unfortunately. It’s lodged somewhere…”

She stands up and walks over to Nielson

“It’s right here, and it’s impairing your motor function… As far as we know. Lucky for you, you weren’t struck too hard. It’s just lodged. And as an additional lucky for you, you were wearing a helmet. so we can remove it, and then we can reach out and hopefully this mess of you guys being here will… Sort itself out. Y’know, getting to go home, probably getting interrogated for being here. The fun stuff, y’know? Alright, but I’m off to lunch. Want anything you two? You gotta eat eventually.”

Faith walks towards the airlock door before waiting for a response


Capt. Mihai Bucar
UES Andrei III CLS-1278-03
Sereniani Space

If the sentries had detected anything, they would’ve seen a blip that very quickly disappeared, as the Andrei III had, upon exiting the Wormhole, immediately activated its Stealth Drives, the ship was rendered effectively invisible.

(CM)“Christ Almighty, they really did fully retreat”

(XO)“That they did sir, mined the place as well, can we even get past?”

(Tactical)“We can get past sir, the mines appear to contact activated, and based on what were getting from scans, also have micro emps. I recommend we deploy the Pyro’s (Small Automated Minesweepers)”

(CM)“Fair Enough, Deploy Pyro-1 and Pyro-3, then we’ll pass and jump to where were tracking Nielsons Communicator.”

(Tactical)“Deploying Pyro-1 and Pyro-3, Aye”

(Conn)“Prepare to move to 3, 5, 0, Aye”

(CM)“Lets hope we’re not too late”


Nielson didn’t say anything, his motor function was fine, as he had disassembled Tolsov’s damaged communicator numerous times at this point. Tolsov nodded his head no at the thought of eating anything. As soon as Faith had left, he got out of his bed and walked to where Nielsons communicator was, unknown to Faith, and even Nielson, he was hearing a small beeping coming from it, One may have assumed it was morse code, but it wasn’t, it was Emeraldian Naval Code, and as Nielson’s ears were damaged, only Tolsov could’ve both heard it and understood it.

Tolsov punched in a Message to be sent in ENC to all UEN Channels.

In Code: (Lt and I are safe, Onboard station, can’t escape, air mixture is lethal, Marine Assault recommended, Message has been received, we await for Lion III’s Arrival, Tolsov Out)

Tolsov put the Communicator away as he spoke to Nielson about a possible escape plan.


RNDFV Vigilant Watch, ABH-003, VHGO (6500 Klicks)

A Defiance Class Battlecruiser observing the ABH-003 for signs of abnormal activity

two sharp piercing rounds cut into the minesweepers, before the signal of

You are violating Rosecordi Space. Vacate the premises immediately. This is your only warning.

Sahiria Medical

Faith stood behind tinted one way glass, taking notes on the two humans, before noticing one messing with… Something. Believing it to be weapon, or probably more likely, an Improvised Explosive Device, she placed the clipboard on the ground, paged security, and drew her service revolver, and entered the suite again, revolver drawn

“Show me your hands! Drop whatever that thing is! Good Gates, do I have remove everything not bolted to the suite!?”

Faith’s voice, usually comforting and soft, became firm and harsh as she yelled, a mixture of horror and distress apparent on her face


Commander Tolsov

(JT)“You shoot me, you effectively declare war against Emerald.”

Tolsov had very quickly dropped the Communicator, shortly after sending the message to the Andrei III. It clanged against the floor, as a random series of beeps and pauses were heard. Tolsov turned around to face Faith.

(JT)“With my Communicator busted fully, I tried to see if the LT’s still worked, and I thought it did, at least in morse code mode, but it’s just continually malfunctioning, the beeps don’t form a coherent sentence.”

It was a partial lie, the Communicator was stuck in Code mode, but the mode was perfectly functioning, and the Andrei III had already transmitted back(Message Received Commander, currently on way, prepare yourself and Nielson for Extraction)

(JT)“If you really think me and Nielson know how to make IED’s, think again.”

It was another partial lie, Nielson didn’t know how to make one, but Tolsov, as one of many ERIDA’s Agents, knew how to make an IED, it’s just that in situation, it would’ve been suicide to make one. Tolsov moved back to his bed.


(CM)“Jesus! Conn, emergency Jump out of system, NOW!”

(Conn)“Sir Yes Sir”

The Ship decloaked, as a small blue energy ball was fired from the front of the vessel, before quickly forming a large turquoise portal in front of the ship, the vessel very quickly jumped through, and the portal collapsed. The Ship dropped out of jumpspace just outside of the Medical Stations Sensors, before recloaking.


“I hope whatever plan it is, you don’t intend on killing every person on board this damn Medical Facility.”

Faith pages security

“False alarm, it’s a fucking communication device. Couldn’t have told us fucking earlier. Over and out.”

Faith sits down, crosses her legs and holsters the revolver

“Use the communicator. I saw the dedication in your eyes. It works. I’m not a moron. Between you and me, we would’ve had you gone if you brought this up to me on the Eliza.”

RNDFV Vigilant Watch

“Tally one Emeraldian Cruiser entering the pocket. Acquired Firing Solution.”

“Shoot, damn it!”

The DOR Round impacts a non critical area before it enters jumpspace

“Alert the others. Rosecordi, Federation, everybody. This could be a prelude.”


Commander Tolsov

Tolsov went back to pick up the Communicator and walked over to the locker he had grabbed it from, he looked at Nielsons flight suit(He already has his on btw), and grabbed a small cylinder, a flasher, meant to be used if the pilot crashed on a planet, as it could ward off an animal. Tolsov pocketed it, he had an idea. He walked back over to Faith.

(JT)“You’re smarter than I thought, but you really need to work on your checking skills”

Tolsov very quickly grabbed the small Flasher, and clicked the button on top, all before Faith could react, she was blinded by the bright flash. As she recovered, Nielson, acting on adrenaline quickly grabbed her revolver, as Tolsov grabbed her pager, and clicked a small button on a small rectangle on the belt of his flight suit, which ejected a fold out knife. Tolsov grabbed a recovering Faith, holding the knife to her Rebreather.

(JT)“You aren’t the only one who has been communicating with someone else, doc, now If I cut this, you’ll die of suffocation”

As he said it, Nielsons Communicator beeped in ENC. (Lion III In System, preparing to launch Boarding Parties aboard Vultures, Hang Tight)

(JT)“Heh, sir yes sir, You know, this thing has been sending out messages in Emeraldian Naval Code ever since we arrived at this station, and me and the Lt. have been speaking in our own Language, something we know bugs out those Translators of yours. Nielson, go and see if our Service are in here. Also, hand me her revolver.”

As he went about checking, along with putting on his flight suit, Tolsov wacked Faith in the head with her own revolver, before tying her up against Nielsons bed.

(JT)“Thanks for being nice, doc, but its time for us to leave, hope you like having a Head Injury. Nielson, have you found our weapons yet?”


(CM)“Prepare to decloak, and deploy the Boarding Parties, along with there Fighter Escort.”

(Tactical)“Prepare to Decloak aye”

(XO)“Vultures are taking off now, as are ESF-52’s”

The Ship decloaked, before quickly firing a “Starshell” Torpedo, to blind the Stations sensors, as 5 Vulture Gunships, along with 15 ESF-52 Fighters, left the ships hangers, quickly making a beeline to the Stations Open Hanger.


“It wasn’t loaded.”

Faith motions towards the revolver

“Unless you want me to look human, I wouldn’t cut that.”

Faith, despite being knocked in the head, clicks a button, attached to her waist, and chuckles.

“Wi-Wish we could’ve settled this diplomatically.”

The door opens, and the oxygen rich atmosphere dissipates instantly, and Security entered the room, guns raised, and yelled for them to hit the ground

Sahiria Medical Defense Network

Unknown Projectile Inbound…

Interceptor Outbound

Several Bogies approaching Sahira

Bogey turned Bandit

Acquired Firing Solution, Interceptors Outbound

Locking Down Station

TFSS Tralixo, Class Leader, at a standoff distance, CiC

“Sir! Vigilant Watch reports an Emeraldian Cruiser, and the Sahiria Medical Hub reports fire! Orders?”

“Firing Solution?”

“Good Firing Solution!”

“Shooter’s Mark.”

“Shooter’s Mark! Firing!”

Several Missiles soared at the uncloaked vessel, and others aimed at the boarding party


The Andrei III

(Tactical)“Missiles Inbound, sir, do we retaliate?”

(CM)“Turn the vessel around and prepare our MAC gun, launch Polaris Nuclear Missiles as well. Turrets 1-4, prepare to fire.”

The Andrei III swung around to face the Tralixo, before firing off its MAC Guns, as several Polaris Missiles are fired. The “Starshell” Torpedo detonates right before its hit, crippling the sensors of the Station.

Meanwhile, with the Dropships…

(RES-1)“This is Rescue Leader, we are under attack, deploying countermeasures.”

(Lion-Lead)“This is Lion Leader to Lions-3 and 4, engage enemy interceptors.”

(RES-3)“Rescue 3 is hit, we’re going back to the Ship”

The Gunships, despite there appearance, had proven to rather maneuverable in 0g, and the gambit of Decoy Countermeasures had worked as well as the UEN had thought, as Missiles often had a difficult time differentiating between the Decoy and the Gunship/Fighter. As the Gunships approached the Station, the lit up the hangers bays with their chin mounted Plasma Autocannons, as there fighter Escort banked away to engage other targets. The Gunships then landed, deploying there compliment of nearly 20 Marines, and with 5 Gunships, that meant that nearly 100 Marines were now onboard the station, tracking the downed Aviators Dog Tags.

Meanwhile, with Tolsov…

It was a good thing Tolsov and Nielson had already put on their Rebreathers, as Tolsov, as soon as the door had opened, had thrown the Revolver at the first guard he saw, as Nielson grabbed his knife and stabbed the second Guard, getting a hold of his Gun and fired into the 3rd and Final Guard. Tolsov then slit the throat of the one he had knocked out, and used one of the guards rifle butts to ensure Faith was knocked out.

(LN)“Was that really necessary to knock her out?”

(JT)“Yes, it was”

The Pair grabbed any mags they could find, and left the room, right after setting up a trap using Flashers and the some of the Guards Grenades. They started to go towards the sounds of Plasma Gunfire they were hearing.


[The Following has been Retconned]

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