Trailers for Almni: Clash of Culture

March 19th, 1978

Southern Losavra

Gunshots. A young boy runs, his hand pulled by an older woman and while a man wielding a pistol nervously looks around as they lead the way. They travel in the darkness as yells are heard and gunshots are intensified. It’s a downpour. They stop for a moment as an open trunk truck passes by and quickly hide behind an alleyway. They hear car doors banging shut. The boy squeezes his mother’s hand.

Then, his father falls limp before they can see the threat, as a loud bang is heard.

In the shadows, men were already waiting for them. They yell at them in Indavral. “Alt alak!” Get
They kicked the child in the chest, knocking him back, and wrestled with his mother, who was screaming. She tried to fight back, but then, another bang. She fell limp. The boy shouted. “Veris! Peris!” Mom! Dad! A man kicked him back over. He started sobbing, but his tears started flying upwards. In fact, the rain stopped falling around him, and instead swirled above him. It started to take a physical form… an enormous snake formed out of water, with scales and everything, the only thing about it that didn’t look water-like was its red eyes. When the men turned to see it, they screamed and fired into it, but the bullets just passed into the water. The snake hissed and bit one man’s head off. They were cornered in the alley and couldn’t escape the animal’s wrath. One of the men, disarmed, looked at the child as the snake ate his comrades. “Kaxva! ön ei al kreken!” Curse you! You are a demon! The boy’s eyes widened as those words were the man’s last. The snake turned to him- the boy winced with fear, but instead, of killing him, the snake hisses a low hiss and dissolves into a puddle. The boy is left looking at the puddle as the scene fades to black.