To Those Who Contemplate Wonders [1 ABT]

The Cruise Ship descended down towards Phylacii, heading towards the Equatorial Spaceport, now on the day side of the vibrant moon. The Ship’s AI carefully followed the trajectory sent by the Central Control Tower of the Spaceport, in order to avoid impacting into the orbital habitats, production arrays and the much important series of Luminaires that reflected starlight onto the otherwise frozen moon.

As the Cruise descended down, right above the uppermost layers of the atmosphere, a structure became visible in the distance: an enormous spire, stretching up directly from the surface, it’s top branching out into a series of elegant spikes. Said spikes hosted the various hangars, docking bays and piers, thousands upon thousands of them, all hosting public ships loading up or discharging passengers from all over the Empire. Today however, the Spaceport was particularly crowded, with swarms of smaller passenger ships and even numerous foreign vessels travelling towards and docking at the Phylacii Spaceport.

Today was the day of one of the most important festivities in Vistën tradition. And seeing how Phylacii was the home of Elemmírë, the great temple-city seat of the High Priesthood and core of all Vistën culture and religion, believers and tourists from all over the Empire and it’s allied nations wanted to see the Festival happening at the heart of it all.

Originally, Phylacii was a normal Galactyan world, nothing more than a common moon around a common gas giant around a common star. However, the curious aquamarine coloration of it’s flora appealed to many Edhelerim that had migrated into the Empire, and some of the first Vistën communities followed them in tow. The first temple complex was built around 290 years ago inside the (at the time) fresh and new city of Elemmírë, named in honor of the ever increasing Edhel population on the lacustrine moon: the other temples were built close to the first one, and in time the city was filled to the brim with Vistën communities.

When Vistënism first truly consolidated itself under the guide of High Priestess Calithileth, Elemmírë was chosen to be the seat of the High Priesthood: this of course made the popularity and tourism influx of the moon skyrocket to incredible heights (at least compared to before), with Pilgrims, theologians and all manners of tourists eager to visit.

The Cruise Ship tracked at one of the hangars, airwall foglets extending forwards to encapsulate the ship: as it decompressed, the main deloading ramps came out and connected to the floor, passengers stepping out of the ship and into the large Spaceport.


Lenderion left the cruise ship. He was a sage of the order of Ñolmë, godess of wisdom and sister of Cuivië.

He was here on a pilgrimage. Practicers of Aitalë rarely went to Vistën shrines but he was sent here by the order. He was to create a in person account and report on Vistën and the galactyan culture he’d encounter. He took his bag and went down the space port, at which’s bottom his guide awaited him.


Aurion in traditional Solarian Clothes while celebrating an important festival on his homeworld of Rays, in the Ouria Tenoris trinary star system.

Aurion was a Humadel, a species part of the much larger NeoEdhel Clade: his species in particular, as the name suggested, consisted of Edhelerim that possessed DNA spliced with that of humans. The only tool one could use to distinguish a Humadel from an Edhel was to look at their ears, just as one would do between a Human and a Edhel, since the human DNA made them slightly shorter than one would expect from a baseline elf.

While still being a Solarian at heart, he decided to pursue his inclination to learn of other cultures, both Imperial and foreign, and ended up getting several Masters in Cultural Studies. In the past he had worked in various places of high note as an Astrosociologist throughout all of the Empire and it’s allied nations, even being able to make detailed analysis of the data that Calerost had gathered about the various primitive societies that still remained isolated in it’s territories.

This occasion however was even more special, as the government itself had appointed him to be a sort of “tour guide” for an important Calerostan Aitalë Sage that was going to visit Phylacii. While such a task was unusual for him, and he was admittedly a bit stressed about the situation, he also considered himself lucky that this job would also be a vacation for him: he was already planning to go to the Festival this year, so this would make the experience even more culturally significant.

As he waited near one of the shopping malls in the Base of the Spaceport, he suddenly saw a peculiar cloaked figure come out of one of the main elevators: his exoself analyzed the image of the stranger, and immediately informed him that it was Lenderion, the Sage he would have to tour around during the Festival.

He quickly approached the Calerostan, as the light coming through the windows illuminated the gold on his robes, sparkling in the day light.

“Well hey there! You must be Lenderion right?”

“I’m Aurion, and I’m gonna be your tour guide for today. Glad to finally meet you.”


“A neoedhel? Quite curious. To be fair from galactya you can’t expect anything but quite curious. I was expecting a vistën priest but a scholar, one of my calling, is even better. You will know how to properly anwser my questions unlike most people i had to interact with. May the gods shine on the place of our meeting, Aurion. This place is quite the temple conplex, I have to say.”


“Oh yeah, definitely. I still remember the first time I came here 54 years ago. Oh boy what a blast it was! The temples remain beautiful as always. I actually went in one of the virchworlds of the Wayback Machine series that simulated the growth of Elemmírë and let me tell you, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had as a sociologist! I saw the rise of temples and new aspects of Visten culture, I attended some sermons and I even witnessed the speech of High Priestess Calithileth during the Establishment Ceremony.”

“Anyways, enough about that, otherwise I’ll just keep going. So… mind telling me a bit about yourself? The briefing they gave me about you was lacking to say the least. I mean, I know you’re here for the Pilgrimage and that I’m here because it’s your first time on Phylacii… but knowing more about you would be nice!”


“I am a high ranking sage of the order of Ñolmë. My father was a sage before me, and his father before him. It is tradition in our line. I was born in Celianor’s cold tundras, even tho my family is from Calencaras. My mother wanted me to have small ears and pale skin like my father. I joined the order’s youth wing aged 16, became a full initiate aged 20, a monk aged 24, sage at 32, and refused the role of abbot at 34 to become a hermit-researcher. I am now 40 and am planning to retire from traveling and becoming a abbot when i reach 45. Me and my wife also plan to have kids then. A monastery is a good place for a family to live, and i will have plenty time to pursue writing. Thank you for the question.”


“Ah, someone from Celianor! I went there once on a cultural studies mission. Something similar to what you’re doing right now, ahah. That Ribbonworld around it is surely a pretty sight. Let me tell you, I always wondered what Calerost would look like if it partook in more megascale engineering… if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that those structures would look elegant!”

“Anywho, I always found the Order Of Ñolmë to be incredibly interesting. I studied it for some years after I got my masters in Cultural Studies. I always found it’s search of knowledge to be… respectable. The fact that this search tends to make it’s members, you included, more tolerant of other cultures is also of my great appreciation.”

“But alas, it’s time for us to make our way towards our destination. The festival will start in two days, so we still have time to go around and visit other landmarks and important sites on the city. In the meantime, I do have a gift for you! Nothing much, just a small something you can nibble on while we walk.”

Aurion rummaged through his backpack, and pulled out a large bunch of glossy, spherical fruits that resembled terran grapes in shape and size, although they were slightly more spherical and larger.

“Their Galactyan name is Ourejirahnki, but they’re often translated into austral and other languages as “Starry Sky Berries”. They’re very popular here on Phylacii. Here, take this bunch and tell me what you think.”


“Calerost has a fair assortment of megastructures, we just don’t like building them in volumes as big as galactya because they make big targets, as we learnt in the miraline war. You should visit Gil Miria if you enjoy them. Tartirion is one of if not the biggest space station in the sector, and the wormhole defense array is one of the strongest system defenses. In simulations we saw it being able to handle absolutely massive fleets on it’s own. And the size of the guns is awe inspireing. There are starbrakers smaller than some of them.”

“If there wasn’t for us so much knowledge would have been lost. We operate the grand imperial archive which, for example, was the only place where information about the discovery of weisserstein was saved. It had been destroyed everywhere else. And you can’t be a researcher if the subjects you’re researching hate you. They just won’t tell you anything, so mutual respect is more than necessary, and that comes on it’s own with understanding.”

He takes the bunch of berries from Aurion and puts one in his mouth

“Quite the interesting taste, haven’t tried anything like it before. It’s great. Would you mind doing me a favor and aquireing me some seeds and other sample to send to the agricultural database? I bet that they would appreciate that a lot, and hopefully have enough discipline to not destroy the samples. We have surprisingly few galactyan plants in the database.”


“Well, if you really want to see a really impressive megastructure, you should take a trip to Provius! It’s a Jupiter Brain surrounded by a planetary rungworld called Multiformia, and it houses the SI4 Lesser Archailect Promethepi. It’s in the Lanvidal Star System, Quadrant 5. You should give it a try, if and when you have the time for it.”

“Also, I’ve heard that the recent technological advances towards the industrial manufacture of magmatter will soon lead to the construction of much, much bigger megastructures. There are already plans for Bank’s Orbitals and all, and those will really be enormous.”

“I mean, you can easily download the genome templates as well as physical samples from the Imperial Archives website. But sure, I can buy you a bag or two later. Also don’t worry about destroying the samples, these things are quite hard to kill off! As all Galactyan plants after all.”