This was stupid

This was stupid. End the GC. We drowned in legal cases for months and then once they were finally resolved nobody wanted to draft legislation. I mean, I would propose something to fix the judicial system, but I have been completely drained of my initiative that I had in April. This was stupid. End it.

Why did we even call this GC anyways? I don’t even remember now…

I motion to end the Great Council, because apparently I don’t need a second.

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Well, if you do need a second here you go:

I second this motion.

The motion is not recognised. Motions to adjourn sine die will only be recognised after the conclusion of the final voting round.

So do you have any actual reasons? Because I’m not seeing any in your OP.

In the past 8-something months that we have been on the topic of this GC I want you to name one thing substantial that we changed about this region.

I’m going to have to agree with Doge here. We’ve done absolutely nothing. This was a pointless (if not a failure) of an institution that hasn’t assisted us in the long run in any way whatsoever.

While I’m not vested in this, there’s been nothing stopping you from advancing ideas to get this event moving.

At the risk of overstepping the IC role of the Chair, this isn’t a helpful way to express your ideas. Let’s refrain, from a moderation standpoint, from using inflammatory topic titles that are more about soliciting an angry response than opening a productive debate.