The West Pacific Embassy

As the new TWP ambassador to TSP, I’ve created the embassy for the new forums as a continuation of our previous embassy in the old forums.

Regular updates will be provided! :slight_smile:



We look forward to updates on the goings-on from The West Pacific!

And we already have an update very soon! The March 2023 issue of The Western Post is out!

In this issue you will find my special Last Speech as Delegate of the West, another edition of Culture in Focus, a special N-Day 8 retrospective of the Cosmic Corsairs (the two latter by new staff!), and much more!

Read it in the following link and don’t forget to upvote! NationStates | Dispatch | The Western Post - March 2023

Greetings TSP! TWP invites you to the 2023 Festival of the Perfections for a celebration of art, poetry and writing, as we watch the delegate transition unfold!

Later today - begin of submissions
12th - end of submissions
13th - prizes announced
14th - event closes

Server link: Festival of the Perfections

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We have a new Delegate of the West! Hail Overthinkers!

My delegacy ended this major to make way for OT’s reign.


Congratulations to the new Delegate! May her reign be prosperous. I hope you enjoy your semi-retirement

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I will enjoy it! :slight_smile:

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Hello TSP! The Western Post has released its April 2023 Issue! Read all about Overthinkers’ first edition of the Delegate’s Diaries, a retrospective of notable events such as the transition and the Festival of the Perfections, United Adaikes’ feature on his own Badminton Invitational, and much more!

Please read and upvote it here: NationStates | Dispatch | The Western Post - April 2023

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Hey again! I am here to let you know that the May 2023 Issue of The Western Post has hit the newsstands, featuring retrospectives of the 4th Rugby World Cup and TWP’s Twentyish Anniversary, the second edition of the Delegate’s Diaries, a game review, and much more!

Please read and upvote it here, and feel free to tell us about your favorite part:

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Hello there all! Many of you already know me on the Discord, but I am the new ambassador from TWP for TSP! My main nation is called Aftokratoria, but my TSP nation is called Aftokratoria2.

For my first foreign update here, I am excited to announce that just a few days ago, the June 2023 Issue of The Western Post was released just a few days ago! It is a very interesting read, even if you don’t know anything about TWP, since there are many bonus sections that are simply just enjoyable for all and not NS related. Plus, you get to learn more about your fellow feeder regions, and the people in them! As June is pride month, that is also the fun theme for this edition.
So make sure to read it and upvote it, and maybe even tell us some stories it reminded you of!

It’s me again! And guess what! I come with great news! The July 2023 edition of The Western Post is out! It includes a new section by Occidius/Nox called “Nox’s Fireside Histories”, and a gallery of all the pride themed flags our members flew in the month of June! Theres chess arena and baking competition awards, a gallery of all the pride flags our members flew in June, and more! Read all about it!

Today is a special day! The August Edition of The Western Post is out! There are fun stories, a puzzle column has been reintroduced, there are cultural columns, history, and more! Read it here and don’t forget to upvote: NationStates | Dispatch | The Western Post - August 2023

(It actually is a great read you should do it)

Thanks for the update, boss.

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I’m really late and I sincerely apologize for that, but 2 weeks ago the September Edition of The Western Post was released! This time there’s even some photos submitted by me in it that I’m pretty proud of. Go check it out, because it’s better late than never!

Funky misquote :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the update, it’s better nate than lever!!!

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Aaaaand you guess it! The October Edition of The Western Post is out! Extra extra! Read all about it! :newspaper_roll:

This time there is a fun Spooktober challenge, an N-Day review from your winning allies in KHAN (great job Potatoes), a CityGuesser challenge for my fellow geography and world geeks, as well as a special Japan Travel Blog! There’s interesting things for everyone to read, no matter their region, interests, time for it, or anything. We got you covered.

Of course there are way more great things than I mentioned, so go ahead and give it a read, plus an upvote if you think this month’s edition is worth one:

(I wasn’t nearly a month late this time, be proud of me :muscle:)

Thanks for the update. Good work with KHAN.

Guess what! It’s that time of month again! The West Pacific Master Dispatch has released another issue of The Western Post!

This month, we’ve got more fun puzzles, a historical analysis on wine consumption, of course a Z-Day report, a section on Japanese culture, CityGuesser, and more! Check it out!

Thanks for the update, boss.