The West Pacific Embassy

As the new TWP ambassador to TSP, I’ve created the embassy for the new forums as a continuation of our previous embassy in the old forums.

Regular updates will be provided! :slight_smile:



We look forward to updates on the goings-on from The West Pacific!

And we already have an update very soon! The March 2023 issue of The Western Post is out!

In this issue you will find my special Last Speech as Delegate of the West, another edition of Culture in Focus, a special N-Day 8 retrospective of the Cosmic Corsairs (the two latter by new staff!), and much more!

Read it in the following link and don’t forget to upvote! NationStates | Dispatch | The Western Post - March 2023

Greetings TSP! TWP invites you to the 2023 Festival of the Perfections for a celebration of art, poetry and writing, as we watch the delegate transition unfold!

Later today - begin of submissions
12th - end of submissions
13th - prizes announced
14th - event closes

Server link: Festival of the Perfections

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We have a new Delegate of the West! Hail Overthinkers!

My delegacy ended this major to make way for OT’s reign.


Congratulations to the new Delegate! May her reign be prosperous. I hope you enjoy your semi-retirement

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I will enjoy it! :slight_smile: