The tiradon chronicle


Cordilia’s War Song

By Renros Bannam

Military madmen. Soldiers marching through mountains and chemical attacks. It all seems like a story from a Pasten epic, but this is the reality that we live in. The Rycco-Cordilian war, perhaps the most major war on the continent since the Great one.

The war has already moved to escalations beyond belief. 3 chemical attacks already, with two of which being on towns containing almost entirely civilians. These people have suffered more than most people ever will. Indeed, the fanaticism of the insane Junta is known worldwide, but what is being done to stop it? Not enough. And even when, if the fight is over, there will still be problems Cordilia has to face.

What exactly is being done to aid the nations under attack? You’d think a lot. Besides nations of Cordilia, who see the Junta for the danger that poses, only 3 states have cared enough to land in troops to help. Another 3 have at least cared enough to send aid material aid. Termina, as to be expected, is selling the goods to us, obviously only truly caring about raking in cash. But at least that’s something. What about the dozens of states who do nothing? while almost all of cordilia is united in its action against the Junta, other states see it fit to simply let us suffer on the front lines by oursleves. And I think it’s because of proximity.

It must be nice to sit an ocean away, separated from the world that we live in. the Easterners aren’t obligated to care about Cordilian affairs- why would they? What does some war in Cordilia matter to them? Nothing, that’s what. They think it fit to insult us, insult the LoC, less than a month old, thrust into a massive war. No, there is no brotherhood with the Easterners. On the contrary, it seems that they think they’re our superiors. It has always been strange to me that the headquarters to the World Forum is in Sedunn. Shouldn’t there be counterparts across the world, not just one main one in Sedunn? and if there are, why aren’t they equivilent? If we wanted to truly have a neutral World Forum, why is its main headquarters not in a more neutral country? Because the East thinks it controls Cordilia. Even the headquarters of IACO is tucked safely in Gracemaria, Frost Empire, who certainly don’t identify with the rest of us, on their secluded island.

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Whether the East helps Cordilia with our conflict or not, one thing is certain. This war will be remembered for its brutality and it’s beligerants, but most of all, as the fall of Tyranny. I think ALL nations can appreciate that sentiment, even across the world.

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