The Tiradon Chronicle


Cordilia’s War Song

By Renros Bannam

Military madmen. Soldiers marching through mountains and chemical attacks. It all seems like a story from a Pasten epic, but this is the reality that we live in. The Rycco-Cordilian war, perhaps the most major war on the continent since the Great one.

The war has already moved to escalations beyond belief. 3 chemical attacks already, with two of which being on towns containing almost entirely civilians. These people have suffered more than most people ever will. Indeed, the fanaticism of the insane Junta is known worldwide, but what is being done to stop it? Not enough. And even when, if the fight is over, there will still be problems Cordilia has to face.

What exactly is being done to aid the nations under attack? You’d think a lot. Besides nations of Cordilia, who see the Junta for the danger that poses, only 3 states have cared enough to land in troops to help. Another 3 have at least cared enough to send aid material aid. Termina, as to be expected, is selling the goods to us, obviously only truly caring about raking in cash. But at least that’s something. What about the dozens of states who do nothing? while almost all of cordilia is united in its action against the Junta, other states see it fit to simply let us suffer on the front lines by oursleves. And I think it’s because of proximity.

It must be nice to sit an ocean away, separated from the world that we live in. the Easterners aren’t obligated to care about Cordilian affairs- why would they? What does some war in Cordilia matter to them? Nothing, that’s what. They think it fit to insult us, insult the LoC, less than a month old, thrust into a massive war. No, there is no brotherhood with the Easterners. On the contrary, it seems that they think they’re our superiors. It has always been strange to me that the headquarters to the World Forum is in Sedunn. Shouldn’t there be counterparts across the world, not just one main one in Sedunn? and if there are, why aren’t they equivilent? If we wanted to truly have a neutral World Forum, why is its main headquarters not in a more neutral country? Because the East thinks it controls Cordilia. Even the headquarters of IACO is tucked safely in Gracemaria, Frost Empire, who certainly don’t identify with the rest of us, on their secluded island.

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Whether the East helps Cordilia with our conflict or not, one thing is certain. This war will be remembered for its brutality and it’s beligerants, but most of all, as the fall of Tyranny. I think ALL nations can appreciate that sentiment, even across the world.

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New year, same Pacific

By Renros Bannam

All throughout Pacifica, a new year dawns- for some, that dawning means change, and for others, it means more of the same- brutal dictatorships, human rights abuses, systemic corruption and instability. Ikaranareans in particular are overwhelmingly coming out in support of interventionalist efforts in Cordilia to stabilize the continent- and victories with the War in Past and Rycco-cordilian war have embedded into the minds of Ikaranareans the idea that their country is capable of making a difference.

Head Governor Gorovo Alertz gave a new year’s address at the dawn of the new year, where stability was one of the key issues he talked about.

“With a new year comes new hope, but make no mistake- ‘hope’ doesn’t mean that things will magically get better. If we- that is, the world leaders and government officials, and to an extent, the people of the world- do not take the correct path in the future, 2023 has the opportunity to be a dangerous year. Stability has always been a key issue in our region for decades, and while it seems to be getting better, there are still areas and issues that could drive people to horrible situations. Presently, some are playing a game with people’s lives. This is a game that can only end in ruin- the execution of people who oppose you will only make opposition stronger.”

The last part of that speech seems to be directed at Nicholas of NAGB for his execution of 15 people in opposition to him: many of them have been suspected in giving false confessions that were forced onto them. Presently, it looks like stability is an important object on the administration’s mind in the coming months- and all the better, as the only thing on the horizon presently is uncertanty.



Losavra; Making an Insurgent State

By Êmanka Aterros

Losavra; a country in terror. Known partially for its lush lands and its powerful agricultural industry- mainly for its terrorist groups below the Bivbi, for a military conflict going on and off in spurts for almost 50 years. Radical ideologies mixed into a cesspool that allows for private militias: Communists, Frankists, ultranationalists, even Bvarai fundamentalists. What is little talked about, especially in Ikaranara, is why we have such a stake in it; it’s not just because of morality, nor is it simply because of the Three Hours Attack- if it were the latter case, we would have left after the destruction of the GLFP. The real reason that we feel so strongly for the Losavrals is because our ancestors are the reason that Losavrals below the Bivbi feel so strongly that war is a solution to their problems.

An event we don’t often get taught thoroughly in schools is the Triangular-Losavral Border Conflict- it gets overshadowed by the coups leading to the Father States some decades later. But it, just as the invasion by the Father States in 1945, played a vital role in teaching Losavrals the bloody lesson of war. It started as an ethnic border conflict; many Akon Islanders wanted to join Narus, being mainly ethnic Narussian. Losavra did nothing when the Atrisians in Atrisian Tzara started to escalate by annexing the island themselves. The Triangulars, angry, declared war, and completely crushed the Losavrals with a naval blockade of the Island and defeating the militias at every turn. This taught the Losavrals an important lesson; That the strong will do what they will, and the weak will do what they must.

Then comes the 1945 Invasion of Losavra. 14 days of pain, followed by the famous words: “En Losevaves es tocet křan.” “The Confederation is not yet gone.” In a way, they were right: The Losavral spirit did not wane for the 10 years of occupation. But in another way, they were wrong: Losavra changed permanently- and not for the better. The brutal reign of the Father States radicalized the Losavral people, especially below the Bivbi, where they were considered “Less Indavral.” The GLFP was born from this very incident, scarred by the terrible power of the Father States.

Losavra has never truly been the same since the Father States came crashing down, but the wars themselves have not truly encapsulated the entire story of how insurgents came to rise to prominence in the nation. The rebels utilize the militia system, a system allowing independent armed contractors to operate within the country- this system leads to an abundance of military resources that allow insurgents to steal or even buy the resources they then use to turn against the country. In the case of the GLFP in the 70s, a recognized citizen militia turned against the goverment. During the Border Conflict, militia acted without contacting the civilian government first, exacerbating the problem and speeding up the process of the Triangulars declaring war.

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While the recent destruction of the Losavral Frankist Movement is a positive sign, the intensity of the conflict in Losavra seems to only be ramping up as the Losavral goverment engages the insurgents more often and insurgents even fight against each other. All Indavral nations are hoping for an end to the conflict- but that end is nowhere in sight.



Indavral Culture Shines Through

By Êmlas Makares

In the Indavral nations, we have a saying; Ax Izaren xo aren, tav kan vêro: “In war or struggle, we have people.” It means that no matter what, we still have our people, and we still have our culture. The Indavral people stand together in culture against all odds- for all time. Let’s take a deep dive into our culture and see how it persists in hundreds of millions of lives.

Indavral food comes mainly from what we produce ourselves. We have cuisines using our Yams, greens, and varieties of meats and other fruit. We especially love rice- a survey showed that the favorite dish of Indavral nations is Tzaran rice, especially spicy. Cooking is a sacred time, as it’s historically when fire is used for nourishment instead of pain, with roots for this concept of cooking coming from Bvarai- as even fire has two sides.

Tzaran Rice

Besides food, Indavrals prize fitness. Ikaranara has an extremely low obesity rate at only around 9.8%. Ikaranareans in particular love to run- winners of marathons are revered in Indavral culture even more so than athletes of sports like soccer.

Indavrals also read a ton. Past in particular has an average reading time of about
9 hours a day, Ikaranara lagging behind at around 7 hours and 42 minutes. The majority of books read are bought from Past- they didn’t call it the “Land of the storytellers” for nothing! Speaking of storytelling, Indavral media is always heavily focused on telling good stories, including games. Some of the most popular Indavral games like Fists of Steel 4 not only test your skill but allow you to make a narrative for a nation. Stories are an important facet of Indavral culture as they’re ways to symbolize reality in interesting ways that can be digested easily- and, honestly, they can just be plain fun.

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Indavrals all over Pacifica keep their unique culture with them. No matter where we are, we’re still Indavral and our people have withstood the test of time. Let our stories continue to be told for another thousand years.