The Technocratic Federation of Serniani Approaches

Hello all! This is my first post for A1-0. We are a Technocratic-Democratic Federation, based on a 2 house system, with extreme devolution of power to individual Federation member states. Federation Member states send delegates to Serniani Station to propose Legislation, and the experts run their areas of expertise, usually at the cost of someones life. This usually leads to the condemnation of Serneniani, which has historically lead to extreme Xenophobia. This Xenophobia usually leads to a “Shoot first, ask questions never” in the Sereniani Military. Due to massive distances in TFS, Sereniani uses a “Sereniani Skip Drive,” a hyperdrive-esque tech that allows for distances to be travelled quickly. It uses a bubble that bends space time to “Skip” distances. (ha ha im very punny). If you want to rp, dm me.