The TBSFC of 528 AI!

The crowd was loud, not because of rowdiness, but because of sheer size. There were at least 300,000 Trianarӧ in the Stadium at Pastӧ, some getting here by buying expensive tickets, while others by drawings and sheer luck, and trillions more watching at home. Whatever the reason, Trianarӧ of all kinds were talking to each other in mutual excitement for the Biannual Spear-fighting Competition that took place every 2 years to celebrate the union of Trianar after the defeat of the Hemmerhaldian Empire. And above everyone, in a private ledge overlooking the crowd and the game, sat the 29th Imperӧ, Penma Alkatrition.

She sat on her chair, legs crossed, flanked by 2 TIF guards on her right and left. She looked at an old-fashioned wristwatch that she always wore, a gift from her brother and naval captain, Trian Alkatrition. For a second, she remembered the simpler days, before she was “Imperӧ de Tûngen.”
(Imperӧ the Younger)

Then, it struck 13:45.

She gave the signal to her guards, who commed their comrades stationed around the stadium to get ready for the national callouts. The crowds started to simmer down, prompted by the giant screens that told them to do so. Her guards shouted, and all across the stadium military officials did the same.

the crowd responded, “Hail, hail the Imperӧ Senma Alkatrition!”

Cheering broke out, as Senma let it go on for around 15 seconds. She stood up, and with a wave of her hands brodcast on every screen in the stadium, the crowd died down.

She said, in Ikaranarean, into a microphone that was truly just a conduit to speakers across the stadium.
“Vromanö strasa, et Imperium Sûv!”
(I am the strongest woman alive, but the Imperium I serve!)

The military officials responded. “THE IMPERIUM WE SERVE!”

The crowd repeated. “THE IMPERIUM WE SERVE!”

Cheers errupted a second time, and Penma let these go on until their natrual conclusion. After the atmosphere died down, she spoke again.

“Trianarö, welcome to the Biannual Spear Fighting Competition of 528!” Clapping across the stadium as she continued. “As we all know, this competition is to celebrate the victories of the Hemmerhaldian War of 330-346 AI. Spears themselves have been an important cultural facet of our history, of, of course, the Ikaranareans like I, the Sycriûn, and the Kanareö. The rule of the spear and its derrivatives in decivilized history was absolute.” She pauses, before continuing. “This year, i felt it necessary to attend this TBSFC myself. One of the stories i never see portrayed of the War is the suffering it caused. 10 billion were killed in the fight for Hemmerhaldia. Many lost their families, and the destruction the Hemmerhaldian army did on local Trianarö systems lasted for nearly 100 years. There is still suffering in today’s Trianar. As the demons who corrupt us lurk both in and out of our borders, suffering and pain wrack local communities with misery and strife, and us Imperium members work hard to keep Trianar thriving, I wish to ease some of the pain in systems of Trianar. For that reason, I have personally upped the prize pool from one million Tasqua to 5 billion.”

Wispers of surprise and confusion ran through the croud.

“But, today, Trianarö, they are not fighting for thenselves. These contestants, the top 12 of our country, are fighting for entire communities. The prize from these games will go to a charity of the victor’s choice.”

The crowd erupted into cheer at hearing the new stakes of the game.

“For the uninitiated, or those needing a reminder of the rules…”
She gracefully stood out of her chair and picked up one of the bluntened spears from behind it. One of her guards turned to her for the demonstration. She did the various attacks, almost as a professional, demonstrating as she spoke.
“Each contestent has armor on. When someone has accumulated 10 points, the round is over. There are up to 5 rounds in a match. Hitting the helmet of the armor will net you 5 points. Hitting above the torso, the legs or the arm nets you 2 points. Disarming the opponent, or hitting over their heart…”

The last two moves she did in one motion, lingering over her guard’s heart with the bluntened spear while holding his own in her offhand.

“… Will net you an instant 10 points. Furthermore, if a contestent is unable to get up in 5 seconds at any point in the battle, the match is automatically over.”

She hands her guard back his spear, and finishes her speech.

“The First match is between Nasaö Mannanal and Zûxam Bresnö. Take it away, announcer, and let the games commense!”

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