The Royal Siraniu Ball

“Nonetheless the uniform fits you well, Your Majesty. As solid as your battleships.” King Andrei replied at King Joshua’s remarks.
He also helped quickly settle up a sparring session between the two Crown Princes. Whispering to Melea to convince the Queen to soften her overprotective vices over some salted bread.
“Oh please, don’t call me that around my children. They might think I’m interesting!” he chuckled with the Spirasian King “I grant you that, Your Majesty. We Tarnians have traditions written in our bones, but I’m glad you’ve settled with the new life alongside those few we’ve been able to save.”
The King finally gave a signal to his aides who each brought a navy blue box and opened them on the King’s command, revealing the gilded fountain pens with detailed Stoinian patterns.

“Please accept these gifts. You’ll find no finer pens around the world. Invented, cherished and perfect in Stoinia. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even get a pen pal invitation from Elena here.” King Andrei joked as he softly tickled his youngest daughter who carried the salt & bread.


If there was a nation whose royalty could match the Stoinians’, it would be the Weissersteiners. They were known for their large noble families and the Royal couple had invited them all. Both a joy and a hassle, but they managed just fine. A recent military exercise lead by Crown Prince Aurelian Cuza had strengthened the bonds between the two nations in recent memories. Due to the large entourage, they had asked the Crown Prince to help receive the Weissersteiner guests. Surprisingly he complied with their request. More easily than they would have thought and Queen Melea suspected something was aloof. When Crown Prince Aurelian & Princess Elizabeth-Wilhelmina subtly glared at each other, she knew why. It seems the time for the talks has come, but that would be for later. Not now.
King Andrei welcomed them all, each in their native tongue. Impressing the various nobles. He & Melea complemented the dresses of the Cordilian nobles who clearly had put in an enormous effort. Princess Elena finally strolled with bread & salt to the royal guests and was pleased to see fellow children of her age, smiling at the guests with a twinkle in her eye.
“A Tarnian tradition of ours to welcome our guests with a sacred nibble of bread & salt. Don’t be too greedy, for we have share with quite a lot now.”
It was then that King Andrei notice how Crown Prince Aurelian slowly made his way to Princess Elizabeth Wilhemina. He looked back at Melea and she quickly gave him a scolding look. So that’s why he complied so easily.
As the guests ate their bread & salt, a row of Royal Guardsmen formed. Their blue & gold uniforms giving a look befit of royal guests. On the King’s command, the Guardsmen opened the boxes.
“Please accept these gifts. Fountain pens of the Royal House of Cuza, no finer make of fountain pens than from its country of origin. May they serve you all well towards a future of dialogue.”


“Please, no apologies are needed. We understand completely. Also, the real gift is yet to arrive.” Queen Melea signalled two Guardsmen to bring each of them a gift.
Like with the other royals, they received an exclusive fountain pen made of gold & silver. She let Hana study these pens and handed one over to Finix.
“Perhaps you can become a pen pal for Elena here. She enjoys to make new friends from around the globe.”
The Royal Couple smiled as they studied the FiHami delegation study the unique artefacts.


Before the Frastinian royals were allowed to pass through, each received a luxurious pen made from gold & silver. King Andrei explained the history of the fountain pen and how these pen were filled with Stoinian history. From the renowned gold mines in the northern Varcathians to the traditional Stoinian patterns which made the ornaments of the fountain pen. As they were escorted by Guardsmen through the palace, they could see that these fountain pens matched in style with the classical style of the palace itself. A token of friendship to cross over the South Pacific.


“I believe so. Having a community to trust is incredibly important.”

Hana’s words rung hollow in her heart, a sad note echoing through her mind. A community to trust honestly didn’t mean much to her. She always had felt alone and isolated throughout her life, unable to trust anyone at all.

The older woman’s attention snaps to Finix when she realized that the toddler was trying to eat the pen. Hana quickly picked Finix up and gently took the pen out of her mouth, gently scolding the child for a brief second.

“This should be a good motivation for Finix to learn to write… again.”

The idea that the child Hana held was the same Finix that Hana admired just a few short years ago was starting to become doubtful. The child was dropped from the sky into a bow of fruit punch, yes. She didn’t doubt the high priest’s words either. But the child felt like her own soul, just a simple child who just wanted to do child things.

While Hana never wanted to become a parent ever, didn’t even want to take Finix in as her own child except to fulfill her own religious duties, she felt a fondness for the child now. In fact, Hana couldn’t dare to say it but… maybe she finally understood the bond a mother feels towards their child. In fact, she was set on giving Finix the most normal childhood she could, and try to let this Finix do whatever it was she wanted to do. To hell with this reincarnation jazz, this Finix is her own person and should be free to be her own person.

“Actually, I do not know if she ever learned. But nonetheless, we both are incredibly appreciative of your gifts and… gratefulness… to us.”

Hana was unsure that gratefulness was the correct word to use. Austral was confusing sometimes. Perhaps tonight would be a perfect opportunity to work on her Austral.


“Yep, If you ever need your Ceremonial Flagship updated, you know who to call.”

The Spirasian King Spoke.

“That we do your majesty, although I still wonder if and when the Spirasian Monarchy is restored, who will they choose? The Old Family? Or perhaps even a Cuza. Who knows? That’s up to Premier Rousteu to decide.”

King Joshua partially froze at the sight of the pens, they were quite elegantly designed, he had been through so much, and someone giving him something felt rather nice. The Civil War and the Terrorist Attack afterwards had been hectic, it was about time things started to settle down.

“I graciously accept these gifts.”

The Denvari Royals slowly made its way inside after thanking the Hosts for their hospitality.