The Rose Nexus

(OOC: Inspiration is taken from the Vex Nexus of Destiny 1 & 2. I love these games, and decided to add elements of such into my new star nation. It’s very much WIP, and more will be added)

The Rose Nexus

A dimension of what would appear to be pure data, the Rose Nexus allows for instant communications across all of A1-0, if linked. Lifeforms can transit the Rose Nexus through datastreams, which can exceed the speed of light ten fold. Entering into the Rose Nexus requires a Zero Point Reactor operating a Stockler’s Rift Beam to open a rift into the Rose Nexus into realspace. Upon opening the rift, you can transit into or out of the Nexus with ease. Those who are gifted with the ability to pathfind easily through the Nexus have earned the moniker of “Rift Walkers.”

Known Controlled Entry Points into the Rose Nexus

Rosepoint Citadel Floor 3

Stockler Research Station

Research Complex Torria, Enclave-3

Tracer Field Station

Trifield Medical Station

Known Uncontrolled Entry Points

Anomaly EP-1A, Trace-12A

Anomaly EP-1B, Ixso-1B

Anomaly EP-1C, Lostia-5C

Entry Points: Controlled vs Uncontrolled

A controlled access point is a research facility or station that has control (the ability to open or close) their Entry Point. An uncontrolled access point is an area or facility that has no control over how their entry point operates. It may be open or closed at any time. The terrain around uncontrolled entry points mirrors the interior of the Rose Network, and appears to transform at will.


Nexus Hubs

The safest areas in the Nexus are the Nexus Hubs, huge cities where order is kept by Rift Walkers. The largest of these hubs is Trilangio, located near Rosepoint Citadel Floor 3, an access point near The Sea of Infinite Colours.

Notable Hubs

Trilangio Hub - The largest of the Nexus Hubs, it has a population of around 12 Million. The headquarters of the Rift Walkers is located here.

Delta Haven Hub - A midway transit station in between most known controlled entry points. Discovery Operations are often launched here, planting anchors and bringing equipment to set up operations elsewhere in A1-0. DHH has a population of 23 thousand.

Anchorfield Hub - Located near Tracer and Stockler Stations, it hosts a large storage facility, with equipment for almost all the Hubs in the region. It has a population of around 13 thousand.

Sea of Infinite Colours Research Hub - Located near The Sea of Infinite Colours, it researches the strange and abnormal properties of the sea. It hosts the only Zero Point Reactor in the Rose Nexus. It has a population of around 4 thousand.


Rift Walkers

“Strength, Guidance, Grace.”

A group of individuals valued for their ability to navigate the Rose Nexus. There are few skilled individuals who can interact with the Nexus, let alone those who can harness its power.

Formed originally from the 200 Science Scouts of the 13 Reserve Corps, it has grown into a pseudo governmental entity, claiming ownership over the Nexus. An armed force of around 3,000~ Rift Walkers provides the government with its armed force. Potential Rift Walkers are screened over a period of 12 months to prove their worth.

Upon being accepted after their trials have ended, a new Rift Walker enters “Eternity,” an area of instability in the Nexus. They are to forage and survive for ten days. Upon completion, the Rift Walker forges an item from the Data Forge, an artifact designed to turn Nexus data into Rift Walker weaponry. This may come in the form of weapons, like a Rifle, or even weapons from bygone eras, like a Compound Bow. Some elect to forge armor, specialized for their needs or styles specifically. Weapons made in such a manner are made of pure data from the Network and are unable to be used outside of it.