The New Legionnaires (0 BBT)(Retconned)

July 16th, 2202
TaiSihn, SSK
Pvt. Johan Nielson(Formerly Marine Commander)

It had been a long few months since they had arrived on TaiSihn. Out of the initial 300 Marine Volunteers, only 150 would pass to be sent to the Legion’s Cadet Corps, where almost none of the 150 “dropped out”, leaving their numbers at 148, ready to move on to Legionnaire Training. The Legion Commander’s were at first disappointed at the low number of the Emeraldians, until is was notified that civilian volunteers, numbering nearly 8,000 were on the way. The Government had decided to let the Marines volunteer first, including sending those seeking glory, those with minor drug issues, and general volunteers. Out of the 148, 80 Were Emeraldian, 20 were Denverian, 18 were Ludvillian, 10 Were Colradian, 10 Were Pacifica-Stoinian, 5 were Cimbrian, and the final 5 were Spirasian. Of course, the Legion’s Drill Sergeants at first attempted to severe the national ties, and after a month, they had all but given up trying. Although, the Cimbrians and Pacifica-Stoinians had more or less severed their national ties, or for the P-Stoinians, just adapted. There were several fights between the new recruits and the more experienced legionnaires, especially over the Emeraldians creating their own mixed symbols, but the 3 sergeants who attempted to pick a fight with 4 of the Ludvillian’s left the fight with numerous bruises, broken noses, and a broken arm for one of the sergeants. This incident had proved that the Ludvillians weren’t to be messed with, that, and they added both the Legion and the SSK to their Nationalistic Zeal, which had also worked for the most part with the other, more Denvari, Emeraldians. Pvt. Johan Nielson, formerly a Commander in the UEMC had adapted well, and was proving to be very potential candidate to be an officer. We find him in his quarters, talking with fellow legionnaire recruit, Pvt. James Rivers.

(JN)“Man, those drill sergeants are tough ain’t they?”

The Colradian, who was practicing taking apart his issued M65, turned around to face his good friend and former Commanding Officer.

(JR)“That they are, whenever I fumbled taking apart my new rifle, they yelled at me and said, what I’m assuming is a racial slur, River Boy? What kind of slur is that?”

Johan was sitting on his bunk, the 30 year old Emeraldian was one of the older volunteers, chuckled at the thought of the drill sergeants attempting to come up with a racial slur for the Denvari Recruits.

(JN)“That is barely a slur, and as shown by our shoulder pads, attempting to make us abandon our National Identity is borderline impossible, but can at least adapt our culture to fit the Legions. You need any help with that AR?”

James nodded his head no, it had jarring for the New Recruits to use Ballistic Weapons, especially because they were so used to using Plasma Weaponry, but most had adapted, but disassembly issues were still a reoccurring problem.

(JN)“You sure? You seem to be having difficulties removing the Selection Switch”

(JR)“Yeah, I am, it seems almost as if its stuck in there”

(JN)“Because you’re not meant to remove it”

(JR)“Really? Are you sure?”

(JN)“Look at the manual, you might learn some things”

(JR)“I’ll look at it tomorrow, but I’m gonna take this back to the Armory, I need them to realign the damn sights.”

(JN)“I’ll see ya later, I’m going to clean up your mess before inspection comes to our quarters”


James left to head to the armory, while Johan got up off the bed to begin cleaning up the mess of tools and spare parts that littered the desk. It was by mere chance the 2 were assigned to the same quarters, the others often had to make do with other species. As Johan finished up putting things away, he noticed something odd.

(JN)“Is that James’ old Bayonet? What the hell does he think he is doing?”

Johan picked up the metallic blade, it was still in the process of being modified to fit the M65, or at least, that’s what Johan thinks. Deciding to just let James explain later, he put it back where he found it and prepared to begin shaving with his newly issued knife.