The Nevipol Canal Crisis

It had been a week since the Nevipol river had gotten blocked. Hervey Filip had already reported that trade coming from the Nevipol river had completely stopped, and it was already beginning to cost millions. Urkennalaid economy was slowly rising but a crisis like this would completely brick the nation. There were fears of oil spilling into the river, or the ships getting even further damaged. Hervey looked through the council of party members and sighed. “We need to get international aid, Mr. Secretary.”

Hervey sighed. “Have we been able to evacuate the crew members?” He asked. They all nodded. “The economy is already tanking. We need a decision to happen soon, or we’re going to go into another economical crisis.”

He wanted to get Urkennalaid into the international stage, but he didn’t want to get in debt with other countries. But there was only so much time they could buy into the situation got worse. He sighed, and stood up. “Alright. Let’s call it to a vote…”

12 hours later…

Hervey spoke in front of the cameras. He cleared his throat, and stared directly into it, while the broadcast was launched live. "A week ago, two ships crashed into each other at the Nevipol river, causing a blockade. We were able to successfully evacuate the personnel. But there is still the issue of removing the ships. Due to its location, and the dangers of massive oil spillage into the river, we call on our allies on the international stage to help Urkennalaid in this time of need. We wish for a successful joint operation to remove these ships safely.

Thank you." As the broadcast stopped, Hervey sighed. He would need to start making calls, and quick.