The Natives Of Bareland

So, this thread will be for Discussing who the Natives Of Bareland are exactly. During a Discord Discussion, Folkmann/Fauderland said rather non-seriously(I think) that the Denvari are the “Native Americans” Of Bareland, and I actually think that can have some merit.

The Idea: We have 3 Barelandic Groups

The Southern Barelanders/Denvari: The 1st Group of the 3, would end up settling Southern Bareland(219,218,217,216 and everything below that, besides Kai Fa, which can be further discussed due to my lack of knowledge about it)

The Northwestern Barelanders/ The Reizen Natives: The 2nd Group, Includes Reizen, DPRR, The Ancient Natives Of Spiras(The Spirans), and the surrounding empty plots(213, 214, and 212)

The Northeastern Barelanders/Slavs??: Includes all other plots not already specified, includes Luznckya, however, I don’t quite know what exactly Ubesii is, culture wise. This Group arguably needs the most discussion(Maybe they migrated down from the Proto-Pelinese? IDK)

The Next thing that can be talked about… is what happened to the Natives and their Cultures.

So, Thoughts?


I know I’m not in Bareland, but Detroxia is also slavic, so take that into consideration. I had a theory that they migrated over from Bareland, so this discussion is also important for me.

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I plan for the Federated States to have several (dozen) native tribes within its borders, similar to the US. I was just going to copy languages mostly from existing Native American tribes. I suppose I could use some Slavic languages near the border with Luznckya as well.

Are Slavs native to Bareland? When I said “natives” I was meaning the natives of Southern Bareland like Denvari and similar groups prior to the Almannic (Germanic) settlement as seen today with the Almannic nations in Bareland.

Note for northwestern Bareland that there are also Arabs. So the northwestern group could be divided into two, the Reizen natives and the Arabs perhaps?

So, for @im_a_waffle1 that can certainly work, I did partially base some of the Denvari Culture on Native American Culture.

For @Folkmann I consider Luznyka to be a “Native” Country

@Fatiniyah That can probably work as well, just ask @Frost to be sure