The lore of Firmus

The actual beginning of the process of creating Firmus begun from a certain village in situated on the river Pazzini. The village didn’t have good community. Everyone looked only after themselves. It was like that until a guy named Firmus started movement called the Unity or the Purpose. This movement’s ideas is that people benefit from coexistence and from cooperation. The movement gained lot of popularity with the youth and only after 10 years it gained the entire village and the neighbour villages as its followers. The idea spread in east and far in the west. And thus the state of Firmus have been settled. With Firmus as its head or emperor ruling it with his high council being the equivalent of the ministers, they seek to spread the Purpose and make everyone cooperating in the sake of developing, progress and prosperity.

Side note: please tell me if something is too unbelievable or rp-dumb