The League Embassy

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Monthly Foreign Report
October 2022

Produced, edited, and compiled on behalf of the Republic of The League by the Department of Foreign Affairs

General Foreign Affairs Report
Authored by Tirol.

Regarding topics about foreign affairs since 1 September 2022:

There have been a number of developments in the Department of Foreign Affairs:

On 12 September the founding of our new regional forum also marked the introduction of forum threads for allies and embassies of The League.

On 14 September after six months of no formal relations, The League and Lazarus restored on-site embassies.

On 25 September, The League ratified the Treaty of Savotta and Ribe, codifying the relationship with Balder and marking a new era in our relations.

Three new diplomatic agents have joined the Department of Foreign Affairs over the last month.

All reassignments of ambassadors may be viewed here.

The Director of Foreign Affairs at the time of this report is Tirol.

The League’s Defense Forces Foreign Report
Authored by Quebecshire.

The League’s Defense Forces has had an incredibly successful and active month, showing regular displays of power and skill across numerous victories. Our turnouts and general training have improved substantially and many reports were published throughout the month. In addition to chasing victories such as those on 14 September, we had several training and detagging operations such as an impromptu operation the following day and Operation Sunscraper, which allowed us to continue practicing fundamentals. Otherwise we conducted regular smaller scale operations and liberations of smaller raider holds. Off update, we supported Thaecia’s delegate transition as their ally upon request.

Concurrent to Operation Sunscraper, we announced the promotion of now-Lieutenant Icaris. We are happy to have welcomed him to our officer corps, which now contains five highly trained military leaders. He has taken well to the new job and the LDF has also gained several new members recently which have begun conducting operations.

The General of the League Defense Forces at the time of this report is New Makasta.

Consulate Foreign Report
Authored by Creeperopolis.

Opening nominations for the September–November 2022 term of the Council of the Republic concluded, and 18 new Council Delegates were confirmed to the Council, the most Delegates the Council has ever had since its establishment in May 2019.

The League and Concord continued manual recruitment efforts throughout September. Creeperopolis was the month’s Top Recruiter, counting in a total of 141 hours of recruiting. In total, both regions counted 528 hours of manual recruiting.

On 30 September 2022, The League surpassed 500 members and Concord surpassed 360 members. Additionally, Creeperopolis surpassed 150 endorsements, and Mechanocracy surpassed 75 endorsements.

The League and Concord participated in N-Day 7 as members of the Potato Alliance.

The League and Concord have established a new regional forum.

The Office of the Consulate at the time of this report is as follows,

[list]Chief Consul Creeperopolis
Consul Quebecshire
Consul Paleocacher[/list]

Concord Update
Authored by Icaris.

During the month of September, Concord saw an increase in membership, WA endorsements, and activity largely due to the recruiting efforts. The number of nations rose from 216 to 357 and WA endorsements for the WA delegate rose from 42 to 75. Activity was steady, mostly generated by NationStates issues discussions, learning gameplay and conversations sparked by regional polls. Krystallum was named new Governor-General of the region, and Communications, Research, Propaganda and Engagement Officers were added to reward and bolster citizen involvement and activity.

Department of Culture Report
Authored by Zloveshchiy.

The Culture Department has received new staff members TileMakers and Moorland who have both been active and helpful to the community as a whole. Moorland in particular has started projects such as making a Regional Propaganda Poster Thread for anyone willing to post their own propaganda posters, and provided excellent work to The Potato Alliance’s Propaganda efforts, earning him the Green Heart of Spiritus. The N-Day event and our membership in the Potato Alliance provided a lot of fun and cultural enrichment to the region, and overall it was a great event for our members.

Throughout the month we ran several polls in both regions leading to high engagement, providing newer gameside members and easy way to involve themselves in the region.

The Director of Culture at the time of this report is Zloveshchiy.

As likely already noticed through the game forums at this point, The League, UDS, and FNR have issued a joint statement condemning the actions of the Brotherhood of Malice and its partners in attempting to undermine FNR’s Security Council vote. This statement can be viewed here