Најновије вести из Пацифичке Совјетске Републике! (The latest news from the Pacific Soviet Republic!)

(This is my first post so if im doing anything wrong please tell me)

Hello from the Pacific Soviet Republic! We are a nation built for the people, and seek to give you the best of the best straight from Los Beograd, news, and otherwise!

Infrastructure news:
To start, I would like to talk about the increasing quality of infrastructure in Los Beograd, the capital of our great nation. Housing and other sectors are being vastly improved upon as we speak. Our infrastructure was in an abysmal state before the revolution of 52’, so it warms my heart to see that it is finally being improved upon after all these years.

Foreign Politics:
Recently, we have opened communications to various other socialist and non-socialist nations, most of whom seem to be eager to communicate back, particularly Upran and the other bordering nations, whose intentions are unclear however seem relatively friendly. Pelinai has refused to recognise the country as usual.

I will now sign off from the first broadcast able to be heard from all across the South Pacific. STAY STRONG COMRADES!