The Lampshade Bar and Grill

A beach. The wind, calm and cool off of a gentle ocean. Palm trees dot the shoreline, and a llama wanders out to see.

Suddenly, a group of South Pacificans come barreling down to the earth from the sky, using lampshades as parachutes to arrest their fall. In the dust of their impact, a building emerges: the Lampshade Bar and Grill!

Bringing back a mainstay of South Pacifican culture for decades, the Lampshade Bar and Grill is the place for those that want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice glass of SPIT.

The last iteration of the Lampshade Bar and Grill.


Walks inside after dusting off

Wow! What a nice and cozy-looking place!

Grabs a glass of SPIT from the bar and sits in a cushy booth seat

Oh, sorry about that! The cellars in this place are much bigger than I remember. Lot less SPIT, too. . .

Waiving an official-looking paper in my hand

I have in my hand a court order ordering this establishment to procure enough SPIT to fill the cellar for at least six months of continuous merriment from all citizens of TSP.

Drains the last bit of SPIT from the class and proceeds to the tap for another drink

Give me that!

Snatches the paper and takes a thorough look

Huh. Didn’t realize SPIT was so expensive these days. Must be inflation or something.

A sign is posted on the exterior of the bar and grill.

Really, just come at any time. There’s always a party.

What if we got a capybara to live in the bar?

Got any name for it?

Is the capybara going to drink all the SPIT?

You know, I’m not quite sure what’s a good name for the carpincho. I guess when the name finds them?

Maybe we can go with Spit, since they’ve already gone through two kegs of the stuff. . .

hi, is this the place for some good and neat горілка?

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