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ISN Transmission Archive Part I:

ISN Transmission (2 BBT): First Contact Edition

After the ordinary intro of Interstellar Stoinian News a woman into her 50’s appeared. She wore the ISN badge so clearly she was a reporter. But soon she began to speak to the viewers with her rather low voice for a woman.

“Greetings Stoinians. I am Cynthia Torqueman and I will replace Jane for today’s special edition, where we take a look back on recent events that have transpired on our proud nation. First off, we start with the 15th celebration of the Cheunh Compromise. As you all know, the Cheunh Compromise was a result from the First Mardakii Crusade where we learned of the Cheunh and their exceptional military prowess. It is for that reason that the King invited them to join our Star Kingdom. Our first special guest of today is High Admiral Tholum who is in charge of integrating the Cheunh Navy into the Stoinian one. Hello High Admiral, can you hear me?”
A Cheunh in the uniform of a High Admiral appeared. He had a neutral face like most of his species who heavily controlled their emotions. Although they initially appeared ice cold, the Stoinians had learned that deep down they weren’t and were similar to themselves.
“Yes, Mrs. Torqueman, I hear you five by five.”

Tholum attempted to joke around. Five by five was military slang for excellent, but most Stoinians knew this do to their intimate relationship with the military. It was a show of good will which not many Cheunh did, especially not on a public broadcast.
“High Admiral, how is the Cheunh Navy progressing in its integration efforts? And why has it taken so long?”
“Well, Mrs. Torqueman, our efforts are going well. Even my superior, Grand Admiral Alexander, has given his support on our work. Most of the Cheunh Navy has already been integrated into Stoinian Command, however there is still the question on whether we are able to maintain our Phalanxes. Phalanxes are basically Planetary Defense Forces, but Stoinian Command hasn’t yet decided their fate. But the Phalanxes have an important cultural role to us and we would like to keep them as a memory of our past. The Aristocra has voiced the Cheunh people’s interest, but Stoinian Command has been busy with infrastructure repairs all over the Star Kingdom. And let’s not forget about the final stages of the Hundred Colonies Plan. But all in all, if it’s decided upon to keep the Phalanxes, it would only be a matter of months for the complete integration.”
“I see. And High Admiral, do tell me. How do the Cheunh people feel about being a part of our star nation?”
“That would be a question for the Aristocra to answer. However, what I can say is that all Cheunh military personnel are satisfied with the current state. Although some have reservations about mixed crews, ultimately we are happy to do our part in the greater picture.”
“Thank you, High Admiral, may the integration go as smoothly as possible. Now we take a look at the Hundred Colonies Plan, envisioned by the previous Chancellor, Sorin Berbec. The plan envisioned of hundred new colonies with a military mandate by the Legates. However, the ten-year mark is about to end for most of the colonies within the next two years. This will mean that new seats will have to be added for the new representatives. With the upcoming elections, the political parties should keep an eye out if they don’t want any surprises. Our current poll shows that the new colonies are favourable of the Centrist Party, but as many colonies also reside in the Qingdao and Tozoria Sector, strongholds of the Traditional Party for Colonial Empowerment, the polls may differ from reality. Nonetheless, the Stoinian people thank the new colonists for their pioneering spirit and doing their part in Mankind’s survival.”
She took a quick breath while relaxing, but then continued. Meanwhile a picture of Regent MacArthur appeared on the screen.

“This year also marked the tenth year since Regent MacArthur’s death. MacArthur is no stranger to us as he was the Hero of the Velutarian War. His legacy shall always be a part of the Stoinian way, from his military reforms to the societal ones. While in charge of fighting the Velutarians, he also used more extreme methods as revelations from the military came after his death. The most controversial one is the SPARTAN Program. Most of us know the Spartans as Mankind’s saviours who appeared from seemingly nowhere. Their arrival was nonetheless welcomed and their sacrifices gave us a fighting chance against the Velutarians. The creation of Spartans is still a heavily debated subject in Congress. The people also is divided on whether it should be continued. But what few people ask, is what the Spartans themselves think of it. Let’s find out as we have an exclusive interview with one of them, for the first time in Stoinian history. Frederic do you hear me?”


“Yes Ma’am, I do.”
“So Frederic, where do you stand on the SPARTAN Program? Do you feel any regrets from it?”
“Ma’am, the SPARTAN Program is made into who I am today. I cannot see another future for me. It’s my Ddty to serve. My brothers and sisters in the program feel the same way. We regret nothing, we just did our duty to ensure Mankind’s survival.‘’
“Interesting. However, some of the progressives have claimed that this sort of unrestricted child soldiering should be stopped. Would you agree on that?”
“Yes, I would, Ma’am. However the fact stands that we all may not be around here to live if it wasn’t for us.”
“Others have claimed that instead of investing in Spartans, we should invest more in the ODST Program. The ODST Program is far cheaper and practical if I understand correctly.”
“Ma’am, that is ultimately up for High Command to decide. What I can say is that Spartans would still be necessary. What if there are other aliens far bigger and brutal than the Mardakii? We Spartans assure us a fighting chance against such monstrosities. We are the failsafe for Mankind’s survival.”
“Thank you very much for your time, Frederic. I am sure the controversy about the Spartans should be resolved in the next few years.”
Then images of alien ships appeared. Three of them, one Treecuu, one Ryccian and one Drakari.

A Treecuu and Ryccian ship.

“As you may have noticed by now, our local neighbourhood is livelier than we imagined. Whether it’s for the better or worse remains to be seen. Our very first first contact was made with the Treecuu Star Empire, initiated by our King himself with the help of Admiral Garibaldi. The Treecuu have been receptive and talks between our governments have begun for formal relations between our two nations. A visit of the Treecuu President is planned after the King returns from the Ryccian Empire. Speaking of the Ryccians. The Ryccians committed an act of war by destroying HMS Little Rascal, our thoughts and prayers go with the friends and families of the victims. Nonetheless, they received a special case since there are Terrans amongst them. The trouble with forming a clear foreign policy with them, is the fact they deem an enormous amount of xenos, even non-humanoids, as equals. But this policy on Ryccians should be revealed once the King returns from his state visit to them. However, from what we have been able to gather, it seems that they have a very flamboyant society with elements, which some would deem extremely decadent. At last we get to the Drakari. They suffered a similar fate as the Ryccian Fleet, their FTL systems malfunctioned. Little is known about them other than of High Admiral Chekov’s quote.”
She cleared her throat and began to cite Chekov.
“These Drakari are quite identical with the Ryccians in ideology. They even called me a friend. I made it clear that we are not that. These ugly space lizards need to learn their place before their claws follow the same fate as the Mardakii’s. They are the last thing we need after the Ryccies!”
“Although High Admiral Chekov has dealt with both the Ryccians, he refuses to do any interviews with any news network. Whether any of these new nations is our friend is a valid concern. Or if we can even find common ground. But one thing is sure, this sector has more to it than we initially anticipated. But our resolve will not fold with new enemies around the corner. We shall forever be worthy of the name Stoinian. This was Cynthia Torqueman. Thank you for watching ISN, Mankind’s most trusted news network.”

ISN Transmission (2 BBT): Rascal Incident

ISN’s intro played normally as Jane, the presentator, appeared on the screens throughout the Star Kingdom.

“Good evening Stoinians, I’m Jane and we have a special report for you by our reporter Jeff Dandall, our Royal Correspondent, who was with His Majesty at the Ryccian Press Conference. Jeff can you tell us more about this Press Conference?”
Jeff appeared on the screens from his room on board HMS Manticore with which the Stoinian delegation had traveled to Ryccian Constantinople.

“Well Jane it looked like the Ryccians got the answers to their pressing questions. Questions ranging from insulting the HMS Little Rascal’s crew to fears of us eating their xeno citizens. Can you believe that?”
“That does sounds quite absurd, but then again they are a different star nation with different values.”
“Indeed Jane. Right of the bat, a xeno, I believe his species is called Vurbentan, asked the King if we were xenophobic. It is still rather unclear what connotations this word has on the Ryccians, but our King answere affirmatively. However he went on to explain our reasoning for it through our history. He also expressed that these are trying times for both Ryccians and Stoinians as both our sets of values will be challenged and that we must tolerate these for a friendship to be able to build. Expressing his wishes for friendly relations with the Ryccians.”
“And do our Terran Brethren seem receptive to this idea?”
“Well Jane, from what I have seen the Ryccians don’t consider themselves separated by races. Rather they view all these races as part of one the Ryccian, so perhaps we should avoid that terminology in the future. The King has expressed his willingness to help Mankind’s survival and most Ryccians seem receptive to avoid any future Rascal incident. However there are Ryccian factions who view as barbarians. Such an incident occurred with a Terran from the Ryccian National Review calling us unenlightened and even fanatical. The King also claimed that the Ryccian officials who he has talked to could easily reject such a statement.”
“So the Ryccian are afraid of us?”
“Apart from their xeno races who fear we shall eat them, I think not. On the contrary, they would rather view us a childish nation with inferior technology. They have a different mindset when viewing the universe which will prove quite an obstacle to overcome.”
“How long would this take to have productive relationships with the Ryccians?”
“At this moment it is still unclear, but with our King explaining our Governance system and how it came to fruition drawing parallels with Ryccian history. Which I myself have been able to take glimpses off. Although from first glance the current Ryccian would seem sensitive to our standards, perhaps there may be hope with Mandalorians. They are fabled warriors and their codes seems very similar to ours, so perhaps we could speed up the process of friendship. But it is too soon to say such definitive things.”
“Thank you very much Jeff. Keep an eye on the Ryccians for us will you?”
“Sure will do, Jane.”
"Now we return to our normal program. Lord Ethan Thorne’s rally on Tozoria has amassed quite a lot of people for the election campaigns. Recent polls have shown us that the TPCE hasn’t grown their support, but such rallies seem to contradict … "
For the rest of the program Jane continued with her day to day tasks informing the Stoinian Populace.

ISN Transmission Archive Part II:

ISN Transmission (1 BBT): Legates of the Star Kingdom

ISN’s intro played normally as Jane, the presenter, appeared on the screens throughout the Star Kingdom on 31/03/1620.

“Good evening Stoinians all across the stars. I’m Jane De Wilde from ISN, Mankind’s most trusted news network. Tonight we have a special report concerning the recent events from the past three months and if you don’t already know, it has been quite a trip. Let us first start with our correspondent on Daonlathas, the Ryccian Capital, Jeff Dandall. Hi Jeff, how are things going there? I heard you have something special to announce”
Jeff Dandall appeared on screen on Daonlathas with the Ryccian Senate as his background.

“Hello Jane. Quite right. It appears Legate Sinclair has been invited into a Senate session within Ryccian Imperial Senate. We suspect this has to with the catastrophe from a week earlier.”
“Can you enlighten our viewers what happened a week ago?”
“Of course. Our Legate has been interviewed by Katrani Corgill from the Ryccian Imperial News Network. This interview, although honest on the part of Legate Sinclair, has been hit with heavy criticism and created an outrage all over Daonlathas and likely the whole Ryccian Empire. The next morning the Stoinian Ambassadorial Tower was faced with riots by Ryccian nationalists who wanted to oust the Legate and dissolve any agreements between our governments. For three consecutive days the riots continued and all travel from and to our Ambassadorial Tower had been halted. Accusing Legate Sinclair in person as a war criminal and us Stoinians at large as barbarians. It was then that Legate Sinclair confronted the rioters in a moving speech. I am told by Legate Sinclair’s new Velpan Ryccian Advisor, Foixon Perushan, that the speech has been received well by most Ryccians. However I suspect the Legate will have to be wary as it seems these Ryccian nationalists will attack nearly his every move. As happened by the Ryccian Senator Giorgi Kalenot of Sorventia-Carin who said and I quote: “Butcher! Your entire country is a detestable mob of barbarians and dim-witted beings who do not see the enlightened ways!‘’ upon hearing the Legate had been invited into the session. However Legate Sinclair has been able to appease the Ryccian Senate and has told us it was a very informative experience.”
“So Legate has gained more insights on the Ryccians then?”
“Probably and it his knowledge will likely increase with the help of his new Velpan Advisor. It seems the Legate is examining Ryccian soil before he starts to plough it as Stoinian companies are expected to start making their entries into the Ryccian market around this time. However the diplomatic situation is still quite unstable and many Ryccians ask themselves if this diplomatic exchange is indeed productive.”
“Well the treaties are in place, so what should Stoinian companies expect when thinking of expanding into Ryccia?”
“They should test out the waters. See what do Ryccians like and what not. Even though we have an existing Non Aggression Pact and migration treaties with the Ryccians, they still remain highly sceptical. The Legate’s staff has already made pamphlets to help any Stoinian coming to Daonlathas for tourism or economic reason to know how to behave around Ryccians. It is highly suggested that people visiting Daonlathas do so as to not create unintended problems. All and all the past weeks since the Legate has arrived have been quite eventful, but hopefully the Legate will continue his hard work.”
''Thank you Jeff.”
The screen switched back to Jane as he changed to subject.
“As you heard we have treaties with the Ryccians, but they are not the only ones. For one our Treecuu friends have been most cooperative. Aside from our first Non Aggression Pact, trade agreements have been made. After visit of the Stoinian Cabinet to Daonlathas, they stopped on Ecteen, the capital of the Treecuu, to discuss further cooperation between our nations. The trade routes from Ecteen to Arcadia, Candact to Hyperion and Otane to Corillia have been booming since then as traders explore the markets of each nation. This however also created a surge in pirate raids, but this problem was quickly dealt with. A pirate gang known as the Vortex Corsairs has been eliminated by joint forces. When Stoinian forces pressed the pirates into a region they fled towards the Treecuu Star Empire where they were immediately apprehended and handed back to Stoinian authorities. They were all executed for their crimes, dealt with according to the law. This cooperation between our nations two authorities has proved that the Treecuu are a worthy ally. Which bring us to our correspondent at our embassy in Ivreem, the capital city of Ecteen, which has recently opened in the past weeks as a result of the visit on Ecteen. Hi Vasiliy, can you tell us a little bit more on how things are in Ivreem? I heard our embassy is right next to the Ryccians, is that correct?”
Vasiliy Akhazov appeared on screen in the embassy which was made in the classical Treecuu style of the Old Treecuu Republic, but Terran motives were placed on the inside.

“Hello Jane, things are finally settling down her in Ivreem. The embassy has just been opened in recent weeks and our diplomatic staff has accustomed to their new home. The Ryccians are indeed next door and they shouldn’t expect a Legate like Sinclair though. Legate Miyoko Takashami is quite the staunch person, which is likely a good approach towards the Treecuu who value strength over appeasement. I am told that the Treecuu Diplomatic Corps views her appointment favourably and are looking forward to work with her. As for the Ryccians we will have to wait and see how they receive Legate Takashami as a neighbour.”
“Please do tell us what the Legate has been up to lately.”
“Legate Takashami has been busy assisting Stoinian companies to settle on Ecteen. So far this process seems to go smoother than Sinclair’s but she surely has taken note from him. Her speeches imitate that of the King and is cheered on by the Treecuu populace. So far it seems a match between the two. She currently is offworld as she is helping with some small misunderstandings at our embassy on Elvoon. The embassy there has had some problems concerning a few rouge Treecuu protesting at the new embassy, though these have been swiftly removed by friendly Treecuu authorities. These rouge Treecuu seem an oddity compared to the rest, they had boards with them calling both our governments tyrannical. Though these 10 Treecuu, from what I understand, have been dealt with with said authorities and a formal apology was released by their leader this morning. It is good to see that all Treecuu come to their senses. Legate Takashami is now showing force with her presence there, making it clear to the Treecuu that we mean them no harm and are good friends to any wishful dissidents.”
A picture appeared of Legate Miyoko Takashami:

“I see, let us hope such incidents don’t happen again.”
“Oh I wouldn’t worry about it. The Treecuu government has reassured their cooperation and explained to us that this was a one time oddity. Then again they have proven their worth dealing with the Vortex Corsairs, they even seemed quite shocked that such Terran pirates existed, but have since then doubled their patrols as a show of force.”
“Couldn’t this be seen a show of force against us?”
“I really wouldn’t put it that way. You see the Treecuu like showing of their strength and we understand that. It is just basic routine of the Treecuu if you ask me. They want to send a clear message that no Treecuu should even think about it. As I understand it pamphlets have already been spread explaining that penalties for it are punishable by death in Stoinia and all the other reasons to listen to their caring state and not do anything stupid. It is just the Treecuu way and we Stoinians can certainly understand it, for we know chaos will erupt without order. As the King so bluntly put it, a new Order is rising in the sector and the Treecuu want to show that they want to be part of it. Not against it.”
“Thank you very much and we hope all goes smooth with on Elvoon. We now turn to the most recent xeno nation we have met, for our embassy spree continues as the embassy on Pax Dracon, the capital of the Drakari Celestial Imperium, has opened. The Joint Exploration Expedition with the Treecuu has resulted in formal diplomatic relations between our governments. Aside from that, migration and economic treaties were signed, although the Treecuu were much stricter in their demands compared to us. Which is quite understandable considering they don’t have a brethen species with the Drakari. For those who have forgotten, the Drakari have enclaves of Terrans and the purpose of the Expedition was to assert that Terran rights were respected in the Drakari Imperium. Fortunately they seem similar like the Ryccians, though they take more pride in their martial forces. But perhaps it is best we ask our correspondent on Pax Dracon, Joslyn Jameson. Hi Joslyn, can you tell us more about Stoinian-Drakari relations?”
A young reporter appeared on screen on a balcony amidst tall mediaevalesque buildings. It appeared as though the Drakari appreciated ancient architecture the same as Stoinians.


“Hi Jane and of course. The Drakari are an open society like the Ryccians, however they seem less offended by our manners and traditions. For example you can clearly see that they appreciate ancient architecture like we do in Sinaia. It really feels like going back in time. Since our governments have come to agreements, more and more Stoinians have begun to explore the Drakari homeworld and have encapsulated the new embassy with questions. As of yet there is no need to share out pamphlets like on Daonlathas, but time will tell. It seems the Drakari are entertaining guest as more and more reports come in of Stoinians becoming to drunk after drinking with the different race of the Drakari Imperium. Such instances have already been known during the Expedition, but it seems we will see only more and more of them. Out of all the xeno nations, it seems the Drakari are eager to go on a party with our citizens. However the embassy has already set out a statement to not indulge too much in this friendliness as a Stoinian citizen has been crushed while being cuddled too hard by a Drakari. Luckily Drakari doctors were able to stabilize him and talks of returning him back home have begun. The Drakari government has stated its condolences and are looking to tackle the problem from their side.”
“So the Drakari are welcoming us with open arms then?”
“Not all of them, a minority is sceptical like the Ryccians, but overall they seem more receptive than the Ryccians. Though with the current events I am sure we won’t have any unstable issues like the embassy on Daonlathas has suffered. The Drakari government seems very eager to help smoothen these instances and are very supportive of our actions here.”
“I see, though I understand that during the Expedition tensions between the two governments were at an all time high at one point. Could you care to clarify?”
“That is correct, at one point Legate Berrocal and Vice Admiral Vujić had mistaken one of the Drakari species as Mardakii and at one point even threatened the Emperor of the Drakari. The incident was quickly resolved by the Drakari and no further incidents have been reported. It appears the Sosa are similar in looks on the outside to the Mardakii, but are completely different on the inside. There is no need to panic in the Drakari Imperium as there are no Drakari there. Luckily this incident impressed some of the Drakari Royal Guardsmen as they saw the same martial culture they have.”
“Don’t you think some Drakari might feel offended by appointing a Legate who threatened their liege?”
An image of Legate Umberto Berrocal appeared:

[Image: KbAhf80.png]

“So far it seems they have laughed it off for the most part, which is something we didn’t expect. Although some sceptics remain, most can see the benefit with a more open minded Legate. The negotiations between the governments during the Expedition were productive and most still see that productiveness within the Legate. Let’s not forget that Legate Berrocal was the one that successfully negotiated the King’s visit to the Ryccian Empire. From reports from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs we see that his track record has been exemplary apart from the liege incident. It is but mere time before relations are improved between our two nations and likely thanks to his efforts.”
“I also understand that a small cigar shop has opened up on Pax Dracon and has already sold all its stock on the first day as many Drakari came to buy these goods. Do Stoinian companies stand a chance on the Drakari market?”
“It would seem so. Out of all the markets the Drakari seem to be the most open when it comes to commerce. How this will affect the Stoinian market is yet unkown, but I imagine the cigar sector will take a boost. As for other businesses it remains to be seen, though I am sure it will all become clear in the coming month.”
“Thank you very much Joslyn. We’ll keep in touch. Now it is time for our commercial break after which we will discuss Chancellor Sheridan’s victory on his second term and his policies to protect the Stoinian internal market from xeno companies taking over key sectors within the Star Kingdom. Stay tuned with Mankind’s most trusted news network.”

ISN Transmission (1 BBT): The Joint Exploration Fleet

Stoinian Star Kingdom,
Kuatis Drive Yards

The ring of Kuatis Drive Yards, Stoinians most prominent commercial shipyard.

The Joint Command Staff of the Joint Stoinian-Treecuu Exploratory Fleet held a press conference regarding the recent activities and the future of the Joint Fleet. The conference was held in the ring of Kuatis’ military segment where the Joint Fleet’s shipyards and headquarters were located. Many rumours suggested that it was to be dissolved as the Treecuu and Stoinians had clashed over matters on both management and protocols. However, the room full of journalists from multiple star nations were astonished to see the Joint Command Staff come on stage with new uniforms. All of them followed the same pattern. Some of the Drakari journalists smiled and saw this as a new beginning for both xenophobic nations. On the other hand, some of the nationalistic Ryccians were losing their minds and couldn’t understand how these barbarians were working together despite their xenophobia. As the five officers stood behind the large desk, a music tune became to play and as it started two flags on each side opened from the roof synchronous with the music. The music seemed to be some sort of anthem of the Joint Fleet and the Joint Staff stood proudly as their anthem played the uplifting tunes.

At the end of the anthem they took their place behind their desk and the Chief of Staff, Admiral Garibaldi spoke up into the microphone. “Welcome everyone from all corners of the sector to the press conference of the Joint Stoinian-Treecuu Exploratory Fleet. What you just heard is our new official anthem composed and played by members from both our star nations. The uniforms as well reveal that our governments have come to an agreement to solidify the cooperation we have with this project. But for those new with the project let us first introduce ourselves.”
“I’m Admiral Graciano Marino Garibaldi, Chief of Staff of the Joint Exploratory Fleet. On my right-hand side are Vice Admiral Thaam, Commanding Officer of the 1st Fleet Division, Vice Admiral Cristina Lupei of the 4th Division and Rear Admiral Icit’t, Chief of Intelligence and Security. On my left we have Vice Admiral Ratko Vujić of the 2nd Division and Vice Admiral Thool of the 3rd. Together we have been tasked with the management of a Joint Fleet tasked with the exploration of the sector. The initial fleet has been composed of scrambled ships from both parties and has conducted a successful mission to the Drakari Celestial Imperium. During that mission it became clear that more nations are out there and the exploration of the sector must be continued to assess any sort of threats and potential commerce partners. To reach that goal our governments have agreed to streamline the Joint Fleet, through uniforms as well as ships.” Vice Admiral Thaam than took over from the Admiral. “For the past months engineers have worked together to assemble a new generation of exploration vessels. Technology from both sides has been merged together to form strong sturdy ships dedicated to long range exploration.”
Thaam then clicked on a button from his controls and three holograms appeared above them. To the Stoinians this was relatively new and they had expected to see pictures on the screen next to the Officials. The Ryccians and Drakari were surprised to see such technology within Stoinian borders, though with the cooperation with the Treecuu, this was to be expected. Vujić continued.
“These new vessels are a synthesis of both our nations and as such will represent both our governments when contacting new star nations. Next to exploration the Joint Fleet will also work together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Relations. The Joint Fleet will assist in diplomatic missions in which both parties are interested. Since the initial visit to the Drakari was successful, our governments feel that we should continue our joint diplomatic efforts as well. To ensure that, the new starships will have a mixed crew from both our nations.”
Vice Admiral Lupei then took over from Thaam.
“As stated before, the Joint Exploratory Fleet will focus on the exploration. To that end we will allow a limited amount of crew dedicated to science per ship. Meaning that civilians can join the Fleet as well and use their expertise to further our understanding of the sector. One such mission is towards the Badlands on the Stoinian border and asses their true nature. If you wish to apply for a job in the Joint Exploratory Fleet, you can ask for the requirements near your nearest recruitment office. Within a week, relations will also be in place at planetary universities and the science community.”
Admiral Garibaldi then took charge again.
“With this project, our governments have a clear statement towards the sector. The Joint Fleet is but the beginning of further cooperation as well on a military as a civilian level. With this, we hope to spread out the message of scientific advancement and prosperity to all star nations out there. The final frontier will know a new era of exploration. To seek out new lifeforms and civilizations and above all else… To boldly go where no Stoinian or Treecuu has gone before.”
The large crowd applauded Admiral’s last words. It truly felt that a new era for exploration of science was coming to the sector and at its helm would be the Stoinians and Treecuu. Of course, their true mission was to assess the strength and commerce potential of other star nations for their ultimate quest to spread out order and domination. But for now, they would first need to explore the sector fully. “The Joint Command Staff will now take your questions.”
Many journalists sparkled full of life at those words. Just waiting to get their chance to ask the questions for their news agency. A special appointer was designated to point out which journalist could ask their question.

“Yuuv from the the Treecuu Well: What were the main challenges in this endeavour? Was it hard combining the two cultures?”
Vice Admiral Thaam: “Not hard at all. Our nations have emerged from similar hardship; we both now how to work hard and best spend our efforts. Besides both cultures have grown to work in a similar manner, on the military aspect that is. The main challenge, I would say, was to divide authority equally, but I believe we have a robust system that guarantees both parties an equal say and influence on decision making. Admiral Garibaldi was selected for his experience in exploration and first contacts while Rear Admiral Icit’t was selected for her experience in the field and the Star Empire’s longer experience on astropolitics. We try to take advantage of what each nation does best to ensure maximal efficiency while maintaining a certain balance of power in decision making.”

“Herbet MacKenzie from Stoinia Firma: How come that the governments have agreed to work together? It’s not a secret that Stoinia’s previous engagements with xenos have ended in spilled Stoinian blood, why should we accept cooperation with another xeno nation? Our technology shouldn’t be shared to untrusted governments.”
Vice Admiral Lupei: “The Treecuu have proven to be good and reliable allies. It was them that ultimately captured the Vortex Corsairs and have since respected our agreements. Working together we can overcome discrepancies while doing this work alone. If one would know of a hostile nation who defends its territories fiercely and alert the other, lives could be save which otherwise would have been wasted. From all the star nations the most trusted are the Treecuu. As an agreement for cooperation both parties have shared technologies to the joint effort. As you have seen the Treecuu have shared holographic technology and have agreed to license this technology for commercial use as well. This further proves the bond of trust between our nations which both governments want to solidify further.”

“Aurelia Numonis, Imperial News Net. Many in the Imperium are quite curious as to what the extent of this new endeavour shall be. Would the Joint Command Staff be open to joint operations with the Imperial Corps of Exploration?”
Admiral Garibaldi: “We’ve found a good working balance and don’t wish to overcomplicate matters in this early stage. However cooperation can happen through exchange of data and the use of observers from the Imperial Corps of Exploration. Any information on other species, be they barbaric, sapient or civilized, can be shared with us. Any further physical operations will have to wait as we wish to see the results from our new generation of starships first. In due time I’m sure the possibility of a third party involved can be discussed.”
Vice Admiral Thool: “On another note, while we want even more cooperation with other star nations, the current logistical situation and the enormous distances do not allow for extensive cooperation as of now.”

“Noxka Vuohotso here from the Central Imperial News Agency: What guarantee is there that the Joint Exploratory Fleet won’t be used as military component for both nations? Is there any sort of document to prove the exploration mission or do we just have to accept your words for it?”
Rear Admiral Icit’t: “A mission statement with the defined jurisdictions for the Joint Exploratory Fleet will be released tomorrow. There’s no reason for concern on that subject as the statement will consist of the same mission we have declared here today. If any breaches should be found on it, you can relay them to me through your local embassies of the Treecuu Star Empire or Stoinian Star Kingdom.”
The many journalists would continue to ask questions for the next hour. It became clear that the Joint Exploratory Fleet was becoming a beacon of hope within the sector. One which would hope to be a sign of peace… Or preparation to war.


[Image: Battlespace-2.png]

Ignis on fire
ISN: Battlespace, 16th September 1620 PD.

ISN’s special program tackling news from the frontlines, Battlespace, has a brand new report from the frontlines. Ever since the Venterran Incursion began on 20/07/1620 PD, Stoinia was sent into political turmoil. The civilian government was relieved and the Royal War Council has taken over governance of the Star Kingdom. Legates all over our planets have now taken over the positions of Planetary Governors. The surprise invasion of fellow Terrans through the recently discovered Middleton Wormhole, was a final nail in the coffin for the Adams government. Despite the best efforts of the Navy, lead by Grand Admiral Corvousier, the Venterrans broke the defensive lines around Cornucopia within 10 hours. The battle was a bitter defeat for the Stoinians as the Venterrans micro-jumped fron the wornhole directly between Stoinian vessels. Since then, the Venterran fleets have scattered and attacked multiple colonies surrounding Cornucopia. It is unclear whether the Venterrans have gained full star charts of the region as the Venterrans seemingly selected colonies, but Command fears that they might in time gain full star charts of the colonies. In this report, we look closer at one particular instance: Ignis.

Ignis is largely an agricultural colony of Karelians roughly 20 lightyears away form Rhodesia. On 14/09/1620 PD at 16:42 capital time, the Venterran fleet arrived in orbit around Ignis. Surprisingly, the fleet was larger than intelligence reports suspected would arrive at the agricultural world. The planetary shield collapsed within 12 hours of heavy planetary bombardment. The Ignisans had no chance at escape as the Navy was regrouping to form a defensive line. The true meaning of the larger Venterran presence would be revealed as soon as the planetary shields collapsed. Venterran ships surprisingly didn’t jam any communications until 2 hours after the planetary shield collapsed, allowing for the colonist to send out images and Venterran transmissions. Venterran Fleet Commander Recklez revealed himself as the Commander of the fleet and issued the following statement: “In accordance with the way of Venterra I, Recklez, bestow upon this Terran filth, a thousand suns to avenge my kin. My kin of Venterran heart and my own blood. Field Marshal Häkkinen, you’ve killed my brother on your prison-world of Cornucopia and for it you’ll face my vengeance. Watch your homeworld as I shall make you suffer the same pain as I, laying waste to your Ignis and family. Their tears shall forever be crystallized in the glass of Ignis. A fate I will bring to all you Terran filth.”

An image of the Glassing of Ignis taken by a fleeing Stoinian vessel.

A couple of hours later, Stoinian colonists set out to escape in their private vessels. Most were shot down, but few escaped, likely to spread terror. The Royal War Council is shocked that the Venterrans have unleashed such actions against defenceless colonies. It’s as of yet unknown how other star nations might react to these action taken by the Venterran Federation, but the Royal War Council has stated that if need be, they’ll call on outside help if need. Strategos Hague stated: “While the Glassing of Ignis is an atrocious act of barbarism, the nearby Armada’s will be able to hold off the Venterran Incursion. I know we’ve faced many defeats recently, but the invading fleets currently outnumber any scattered defensive fleets. We’re doing our best to form unbreachable defensive lines to contain the incursion. Once our Armadas are in position, they’ll push the Venterrans back to the wormhole from where they came.”
However, what most don’t understand is the seemingly personal message the Venterran Fleet Commander sent out. Cornucopia has remained sealed off from any contact and there are no feasible ways to communicate with the Cornucopian Ground Forces. We know that Field Marshal Valto Häkkinen, a renowned defensive commander from the Velutarian War, has been posted in charge of Cornucopia’s defence, following Grand Admiral Corvousier’s expedition into the wormhole. Field Marshal Häkkinen grew up on Ignis and defended his homeworld during the Velutarian War, but now the Marshal is boxed in on Cornucopia where the fighting likely has escalated. Speculators put the death toll of Cornucopia already into the hundreds of millions and will likely rise to even higher numbers. The Venterran Fleet Commander’s message suggest that this speculation is probably true as his brother supposedly died while fighting on Cornucopia. At this time no source can confirm the Venterran Fleet Commander’s claims and will likely only be resolved by the end of the war.

It’s become clear that the Venterrans have no quarrels with atrocious war crimes. Following this news, the Stoinian Royal War Council and His Majesty will be forced to declare the Venterran Incursion into a Crusade.
Our thoughts and prayers go to Field Marshal Häkkinen and everyone who has family and friends on Ignis. May God save us all.