The Hunt for the Black October

This thread is dedicated to the Pelinese Navy’s struggle to obtain detailed sensor data and performance specifications regarding the BBX-21 (PN reporting name: ‘Black October’) in order to render the ship more vulnerable to Pelinese sensors and weapons, as well as the ERN’s efforts to prevent Pelinai from obtaining this information.

10:00AM ETC+3, October 10. Admiral Akayari Complex, Pelograd, Kingdom of Pelinai.


Y: “What you see before you now is an image of an unidentified Emeraldian warship that was leaked onto the internet yesterday before being taken down at the request of the ERN. This warship has been designated Object E-C-10-9-22, codename Black October. We believe that the hull in question is a battleship due to its apparent size. While the video quality is lacking, there are three gun turrets visible on the hull here, here, and here in a configuration that suggests a main battery. These turrets appear to be triple mounts of 20-inch naval guns. Additionally, you can see here the presence of an unusually large complement of Close-In Weapon Systems. The ship’s structure is difficult to see due to the all-black paint, but its silhouette suggests a design prioritizing the minimization of radar visibility and possibly other detectable emissions. While unconfirmed, this design would suggest the use of radar-absorbing composites and possibly an anechoic coating on the underside of the ship.”

“Has NIS identified where this video was taken?”

Y: “Based on the background of the video, believe that the ship’s home port is currently Edwards Military Complex. Imagery of the port also shows an appropriately sized docking facility with the text ‘BBX-21’ painted onto the side.”

“That’s… less than subtle. Do you think that it’s a red herring?”

Y: “Unlikely. The ERN possesses no other docking facilities capable of basing a ship of Black October’s size while also obscuring it to satellite imagery.”

“Hold on a moment. You said that the ERN built another battleship?”

Y: “Yes, Admiral. We’re unsure what kind of naval doctrine is motivating the ERN to continue pursuing a battleship design in a modern naval warfare environment, or whether the ERN intends to use this ship in a traditional battleship role.”

“What do we know about the ship’s capabilities?”

Y: “The 20-inch guns are obsolete for ship-to-ship combat, and are likely intended for shore bombardment usage. Presence of CIWS emplacements is significant. Presence and number of VLS cells is unknown. Presence of a secondary gun battery is also unknown. Speed and range are unknown, as well as sensor outfits and powerplant type. All we know about the ship at present is sourced from this one video, which has failed to provide satisfactory information in critical areas.”

“Does NIS believe that the ship is dangerous?”

Y: “Considering Black October’s size and lack of radar cross section, we believe that the ship is using highly advanced stealth technology beyond the present capability of the Pelinese Navy. Additionally, the ship is large enough to hold an immense number of VLS cells and an extraordinarily powerful radar array. Both of these features would suggest a high degree of combat strength as a surface combatant. Due to these factors, the Naval Intelligence Service does believe that the ship poses a high degree of threat to the Pelinese Navy.”

“While we can’t do much about its weaponry, we can minimize the effects of its stealth features if we can get a detailed readout of its emissions patterns. We have more than enough SIGINT and oceanic surveillance equipment to obtain such a readout. If you’ll excuse us, Captain, we’d like to discuss this.”

Y: “Of course, Admiral.”

Captain of the Second Rank Yumi Arisaka stepped out of the meeting room and into the hallway. She, as before she gave the presentation on the Black October to the Admiralty, wondered exactly why she was assigned to it. Though the KPF Echo remained in maintenance in Daishiroi, it hardly seemed appropriate to be placing her on miscellaneous administrative duties like this. Perhaps the more connected officers were becoming jealous of how quickly she was promoted. After about 30 minutes of waiting in the lobby, Captain Arisaka was called back into the meeting room.

“Captain, we’re putting you in charge of a surveillance fleet and tasking you with gathering everything you can about the Black October’s electronic signature and other detectable emissions. You’ll be commanding the KPF Amber Eyes, the KPF Green Eyes, the KPF Sound, the KPF Echo, the KPF Wave, the KPF Telescope, the KPF Ris, and the KPF Admiral Pelinayskiy. You’re expected to depart for southern Bareland within a week, so get ready for your mission briefing.”

October 10th, 2022
Adm. Henryk Jensen
NavCom, EMC, Jylland

He knew it, he knew that Tasternine Sea would be discovered eventually. With a vessel of that size, its a damn miracle it was only discovered now. Thankfully, the ERN got the Video taken down, although, Henryk knew that multiple Intelligence services and Navies archived the footage. Now, Henryk has to attend a meeting where BBX-21 is gonna be brought up, he knew it.

(J=Adm. John Ferguson, H=Henryk, G=Adm. Grace Sven(2nd Fleet), D=Adm. Dylan Smithson(1st Fleet), JJ=Capt. John Jackson(BBX-21 Captain), K=King Joshua VII)

J:“So, with the Tasternine Sea, its anti-ship Missile systems were successful, although, it seams somebody was able to film the ship and post it online.”

K:“We’re we able to take it down?”

H:“Yes, we did, your majesty. We requested Youwatch take down the Video”

G: “I assume other Intelligence Services already archived the footage”

H:“Yes, we already know about a -”

D:“This is complete madness! Captain John Jackson, do you have anything to say?”

JJ:“Sir, I was just following orders, it seams our Intelligence Operatives need to step up their game”

D:“Maybe, but I blame Henryk, BBX-21 is under the 3rd fleet, and its dock building is obvious. Maybe we need to fir-”

K:“Thats IT! Adm. Smithson, you are dismissed from this meeting.”

J:“Back to things, Henryk, You will return to the Dominic, it is paramount that Tasternine Sea, Callsign Raven, is kept away from prying eyes, is that clear?”

H:“Yes, Sir.”

K:“May I note, Other nations only saw three of her four turrets, nor her secondaries. This could be useful information.”

J:“Noted, alright, everyone’s dismissed.”

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October 10th, 2022
Adm. Henryk Jensen
ERNS Dominic CV-26(Callsign Monarch 6)

“Monarch 3(ERNS Joshua III CV-25), this is Monarch 6, You are cleared to depart for New Colradia, Adm. Jensen Out.”

“We read you Monarch 6, 1 FF and Escorts are ready to depart, Adm. Smithson out.”

“Jensen II(ERNS Jylland II BB-18),this is Monarch 6, You are cleared to Depart for Spiras, Adm. Jensen Out.”

“Roger that Mon 6, 2 FF and Escorts are ready to depart, Adm. Sven out.”

“To all ships of 3-F, this is DMC-26, orders are to keep RVN-21 from prying eyes, PF-1 and 2 are to patrol the EEZ and Notify DMC-26 of your findings, BF-1, 2, and 3 are to stay in port, Adm. Jensen Out.”

Three oceanic surveillance ships capable of detecting near-invisible submarines at range. Two SIGINT/COMINT platforms to monitor ERN communications and gather electromagnetic spectrum data. An amphibious assault ship carrying a multitude of ASW helicopters for additional sonar monitoring and IR/visible spectrum surveillance as well as helicopter UAVs for even more camera coverage. A missile range instrumentation ship to perform blanket radar surveillance of the area surrounding EMC. And to top it all of, a fast combat support ship to supply fuel and provisions to the fleet for an extended mission time.

Just how stealthy does the NIS think this ship is?

Captain of the Second Rank Yumi Arisaka walked down one of Daishiroi Harbor’s piers to the KPF Admiral Pelinayskiy, where she would be commanding the ad-hoc Surveillance Action Group South during its sortie to UKED. The fleet had already been loaded with its new outfit of ASW and spotting helicopters, and the chosen ships were equipped with the latest towed sonar arrays and AESA radar assemblies. If the Black October finds itself in the open anywhere near SuAGS, its detection and scanning will only be a matter of time. Thanks to its high-performance sensors, SuAGS can also gather oceanographic, SIGINT/COMINT, and even satellite traffic data in the process of its search for the ship. If all else fails, the RPN can call upon experts from Pelektronik and assistance from abroad to ensure maximum chance of detection. The plan of approach is simple: the SAGS will merge with the Mediterranean Fleet as it leaves harbor at Daishiroi. Then, as the Fleet moves south for naval exercises, SuAGS will break off and sail east to the coast of Bareland. If the Black October is still at sea for trials, larger Pelinese fleet and its sensors will force it to move east to dock in its shelter at EMC. At the same time, SuAGS will creep up to EMC from the north and cut the Black October off from its docking route. If the Black October is not currently at sea, SuAGS will move into position outside of EMC and UKED’s EEZ. This will force any departures from the harbor to move past its watchful sensors, giving the ERN the choice of either getting its ship scanned or keeping it in port forever.

With all preparations made and all plans drawn up, the Mediterranean Fleet and SuAGS leave Daishiroi Harbor and sail west.

“SuAGS is approaching the coast of Emerald as planned; is the Mediterranean Fleet ready to execute Plan A?”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Excellent. Proceed with the maneuver as planned.”

The Pelinese surveillance fleet has reached the western coast of Bareland after several days of travel and is preparing to begin search operations in order to find the Black October.

October 26th, 2022
Adm. Henryk Jensen
ERNS Dominic CV-26

Well, so at least we know whose going to attempt to find RVN-21, its Pelinai of all countries. Why would their Med Fleet conducting training exercises off the coast of Bareland? And the Liberty has already spotted an ad-hoc surveillance fleet head towards the direction of Emerald.

King(ERNS Emral BB-19), this is Monarch 6, BF-1 is being sent to meet approaching RPN Ships, do not fire unless fired upon, your objective is to ask why they are approaching the EEZ, Adm. Jensen Out.”

“We read you Mon 6, BF-1 is moving now, Capt. Svenson II(Cmdr. David “Raven” Svensons Grandson) Out.”

The RPN is here for a reason, and Henryk suspects that the Raven is why.

3:00 PM local time, October 27, 2022. Bridge of the KPF Admiral Pelinayskiy.

“Sensors are detecting approaching signatures identified as vessels of the ERN. What are our orders?”

There’s not much the ERN can do at present; we’re operating outside of Emeraldian territorial waters, and Emerald has no legal rights to force us to withdraw. If they engage with lethal force, the Mediterranean Fleet is within range to effectively respond. They could decide to try executing harassment operations, but the risk of a miscalculation should be excessive for them at the present time.

“Continue as before.”

“Understood, Captain.”

October 27th, 2022
Capt. David Svenson II
ERNS Emral BB-19

“Attention RPN Vessels, You are approaching the Emeraldian Economic Exclusion Zone, Please State your reasoning for being here. Emral Out”

David puts the radio away and goes out to the bridge wing. “That’s very stealthy, a whole fleet of scanning ships.” He thinks, while keeping a close eye on their Amphibious assault ship. Waiting for a response, be it diplomatic, or lethal.

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15:27, October 27, 2022. Seas west of UKED EEZ.

“Tell the Mediterranean Fleet that the ERN is here, then open communications with the Emral for a response.”

One of Emerald’s “modern battleships,” I see. The main battery and its ammunition are dead volume and dead displacement in naval combat, so the Emral should prove relatively easy to sink with the Pelograd and Letograd if it decides to open fire. But that’s an unlikely scenario.

“This is Captain of the Second Rank Yumi Arisaka of the Royal Pelinese Navy, commanding the Ship of the Pelinese Fleet Admiral Pelinayskiy. We are performing missile telemetry and signature assessment duties for Operation Green Beryl and will not cross into the Emeraldian Exclusive Economic Zone at any point. We are not committing any illegal action with our presence here, over.”

It technically wasn’t a lie; SuAGS was indeed performing MRIS duties using the KPF Telescope. The presence of the KPF Ris has probably tipped off the Emeraldians that the SuAGS is here to stay, but they can’t act on that knowledge unless they want to commit an act of war.

October 27th, 2022
Capt. David Svenson II
ERNS Emral BB-19

“Right, they’re here to perform missile telemetry” David thought, of course unknown to anybody except a few, not even the admiral, he was apart of the Emeraldian Royal Intelligence Defence Agency or ERIDA. David could easily tell they were after the Raven.

“This Capt. David Svenson II of the Emeraldian Royal Navy, in command of the Battleship ERNS Emral. Your reasoning for being here has been noted, however, Emeraldian Patrol Craft will monitor your fleet, the ERN is currently on medium alert with the DFN Fleet still out there. Capt Svenson II Out.”

“Monarch 6, this is King, RPN survey fleet is outside the EEZ, awaiting further orders, Capt. Svenson II Out.”

“King, this is Monarch 6, BF-1 has been assigned to monitor their movement, RVN-21 must be kept from their scanners at all cost, Adm. Jensen Out.”

“Yes Sir”

November 9, 2022.

SuAGS had received a complement of three destroyers for protection after the Mediterranean Fleet was recalled to Pelinai, but the ships’ crews were still on edge. The fleet’s mission is now temporarily changed to acting as an early warning beacon against the Izaakians, with the finding of UKED’s new ship being deprioritized for the time being until military tensions subside.

Hmm. This is an unexpected problem, but I can manage well enough. If the Izaakian navy tries to approach, SuAGS can always hug the ERN’s monitoring ships. Izaakia might be a psychotic warmonger, but it is unlikely to risk initiating a conflict with UKED, its allies, and possibly others on top of Pelinai at the same time.

November 18, 2022.

“SuAGS is being recalled to the Mediterranean Fleet. Return to position 36 at once.”


Captain Arisaka’s fleet has been ordered to link up with the Mediterranean Fleet as quickly as possible. The risk of military conflict with Emerald is currently very high, and she must to be careful to maintain a defensive stance without sparking a naval engagement.

”Assume combat formation and set a course for the western Mediterranean. Order all ships to prepare for possible interception by ERN forces and hold fire unless fired upon.”

November 18, 2022
ERNS Emral BB-19
Capt. David Svenson II

“ATTENTION! All Emeraldian Vessels On The Star Perimeter Have Been Given Orders To Watch For Approaching RPN Vessels. Lethal Force Will Only Be Authorized Until Fired Upon. Local Command Out”

The Transmission broadcasted over the bridge. David immeaditly rushes to the Bridge wing with binoculars, watching the RPN Surveilence Fleet.

“Keep Primary Guns On Standby”