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Embassy of The Order of the Grey Wardens
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The Order – Islands Accord

Joint Statement from The Grey Wardens and 10000 Islands

10000 Islands and The Order of the Grey Wardens are excited to announce the ratification of the Order – Islands Accord which heralds a new era of mutual cooperation between our two regions.

The Order – Islands Accord strengthens the bonds of fellowship between our two regions and commits our regions to each other’s mutual defense. Together, we will tackle the challenges of the future knowing that we have another supportive friend in the wider world.

In addition to the provision for mutual protection of both The Grey Wardens and 10000 Islands, we also commit to prevent hostile acts against one another, ensure the continuation and maintenance of embassies to further interregional ties and host a range of activities including team building war games and cultural events.

We look forward to a bright future for both our regions.

Grea Kriopia, First Warden of the Order of the Grey Wardens
Markanite Delegate of 10000 Islands, on behalf of the Council of Nine


Congratulations to both parties!

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