The Grey Wardens Embassy

Embassy of The Order of the Grey Wardens

The Order – Islands Accord

Joint Statement from The Grey Wardens and 10000 Islands

10000 Islands and The Order of the Grey Wardens are excited to announce the ratification of the Order – Islands Accord which heralds a new era of mutual cooperation between our two regions.

The Order – Islands Accord strengthens the bonds of fellowship between our two regions and commits our regions to each other’s mutual defense. Together, we will tackle the challenges of the future knowing that we have another supportive friend in the wider world.

In addition to the provision for mutual protection of both The Grey Wardens and 10000 Islands, we also commit to prevent hostile acts against one another, ensure the continuation and maintenance of embassies to further interregional ties and host a range of activities including team building war games and cultural events.

We look forward to a bright future for both our regions.

Grea Kriopia, First Warden of the Order of the Grey Wardens
Markanite Delegate of 10000 Islands, on behalf of the Council of Nine


Congratulations to both parties!

omg who invited these nerds to our region get them out get them out get them out


Hello! We’ve released the following statement alongside our allies in XKI, Euro, and TL related to recruitment in the upcoming F/S update:

Recruitment in the Frontier and Stronghold Era
As the much-anticipated Frontiers and Strongholds update draws closer to greatly re-shaping the NationStates world, many questions have been raised in the public discourse that it will be incumbent on the regions and communities of the world to answer.

One such issue is the nature of recruitment and how a post-F/S world will approach it, with speculation occuring on whether or not frontier regions will continue to perform active recruitment in addition to whatever nation spawns they may receive.

Recruitment, especially the more effective forms thereof, is a serious matter. It is the cornerstone of any successful User-Created Region, one that they cannot thrive without. As sizable User-Created Regions, we have all put countless hours and intense organizational effort into building quality recruitment infrastructure. Additionally, we have no firm concept of what return on investment an individual Frontier can expect during the immediate stages of F/S, or the eventual stabilization of the update and the climate surrounding it. It would be careless and irresponsible to entertain the suspension of our current growth infrastructure without first seeing what the return on investment for a successful Frontier region would look like. Abandoning our recruitment frameworks to rely on an unknown and irregular number of nation spawns would undoubtedly open our communities up to security vulnerabilities that we are not interested in creating. Furthermore, with manual recruitment being a centerpiece of Internal Affairs and Integration participation, we do not see it appropriate to reduce avenues for activity and contribution within our regions The direction in which Frontiers and Strongholds will take UCR management and growth is still far too nebulous to choose stagnation over growth.

In recognition of these factors, the signed regions affirm to the public our intent to continue engaging in telegram recruitment at our discretion and consistent with pre-existing treaties following the rollout of the Frontier/Stronghold update. Our regions’ size and credibility is in no small part the result of these programs, and we will continue to utilize them to our best efforts for the benefit of our communities and allies.

Grea Kriopia, First Warden
Warden Nakari, Arlessa of The Amaranthine Isles
Tim, Steward of The Frontier

[i]Quebecshire, Consul of the Republic
Mechanocracy, Executive Advisor & WA Delegate
New San Antonio, Acting Director of Foreign Affairs
Anjan Kloss, Governor-General

Icarus (Evil Mother), President of Europeia
Writinglegend, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Europeia

Markanite, Chief Executive of 10000 Islands
Aschente, Minister of Immigration[/i]

Thank you for delivering this update. I can’t say I’m shocked or dismayed by this proclamation

Hey there! I’m happy to announce that I’ll be your new emmisarry from TGW!
I probably don’t need to introduce myself as I’ve been here for a more than a year😅

Welcome :slight_smile:

Heyo! We’d like to congratulate Wolflandil for becoming this month’s Featured Warden!

You’ll be able to see an interview with them held by Quebecshire, and other news about the wardens on the link below.

January Featured Warden: Wolflandil

Thank you, Altrio, for delivering this update

Great read as always!

Hey there! We’re happy to announce Westinor’s promotion to Warden-Lieutenant! They have proven themselves to be one of the best updaters and recruiters of the region, joining The Grey Wardens back in Christmas '21.

More information regarding their promotion can be found below:

Westenant Manifested | Lieutenant Bestinor

Hey there again! The Grey Wardens continues to grow stronger as another prominent Warden rises through the ranks.
We’d like to congratulate Varax on their promotion as Warden-Commander!

As always, more information can be found below:
Warden-Commander Varax

Hey there folks. I forgot to share this earlier, but our former Delegate (Whatermelons) has stepped down after 9 months of service to take a well-deserved break. As a result of this, our First Warden has appointed Witchcraft and Sorcery as the new Delegate!

We’d like to congratulate them for their new role, and thank the old delegate for their service.

More information about the transition can be found below;
World Assembly-Craft and Sorcery - New WA Delegate

Congrats to @witchcraftsorcery! We wish him the best of luck in his new role!

Congrats W&S!

Hey hey! This month’s Featured Warden is now out! This time, we have Kanglia on the spotlight, having been an off-and-on presence in the Order for over half a decade.

You may read this month’s edition on the link below:
February Featured Warden: Kanglia

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Constable Bestinor Sightings Confirmed

Fanatic fans of TGW will be happy to hear of the latest promotion of Warden Constable Westinor!

Another godtier rank up for our roster? Can never have too many! West has been kicking butt and taking names as a defender which their much welcomed experience in R/D paying off dividends in the sieges on England. Personally front-lining much of the triggering for the operation, west has owned how they can thrive in the responsibilities of an officer role and relentlessly rally fellow troops alongside them during update.

Their talent hardly ends there, though, as they’ve stepped into a defining role preparing TGW’s frontiers for the upcoming F/S update without missing a beat when offered such a large challenge. More than that has been how west has invested themselves in TGW as a community and defending as a whole, constantly uplifting others and bringing encouragement as they go. All of this and more makes me ecstatic to bring west onto the Constable roster, and, like each up and coming member of our Command, see what they accomplish going forward — because you know it’s going to be unreal!

Congrats West!

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Congrats West :slight_smile:

Congratulations to the new Warden-Constable!