The Grand Congress

The Emperors looked bewildered at the now unsuited Edhelgil.

"Well that is certainly something I wasn't expecting."

"So for ALL these years. You gave us shit, because we were all genetically engineered. And it turns out that YOU yourself, also are. Well, isn't that just the picture of a coherent, honest man."

"I'm just impressed he managed to keep it hidden for so long."

"Oh shut up, he has two people who actually get close to him, one of which I now realize is also probably in on the secret, and he spends more than half of his time alone on his throne ship. It's not THAT hard."

"Who knows. Also, can you all please refrain from threatening us while standing on THE capital of OUR Empire? You know, just a thought. Anyways, let's move on, shall we?"

"Yes, let's... move on. Since you decided to delightfully surprise us today, we also just happen to have an important revelation to make, which fits so delightfully into the conversation and moment. As you just said Cassian, our Realspace FTL has much more mobility and flexibility than Interdimensional FTL, but severely lacks in speed. That's why 68 years ago, we decided to start developing our own hybrid FTL, that could travel both in Realspace and in other dimensions."

"The system we employed is very complex, and trial and error played a huge part in it's development. For example, those energy blasts that Calerost detected in our territory near Naurost were the metric implosions from the tests. At one point, we even had to move the research and development over to our Archailects. And now, six standard decades later, we are ready with the first stable, fully functional and thoroughly tested Drives."

"We have still not announced it publicly, but we will do so after the Congress. The old versions of the Ringular Gravity Warp Drives are also relatively easy to modify into the new versions, so we will start a mass upgrade of old ships during the rest of the Imperial Military Expansion Project."

The Empress tapped a small holographic icon on the table, making a large three dimensional model of the new and improved Drive appear above the table, icons and written text indicating all of the component’s names and their purposes.

"The new RGW Drive is able to travel in realspace like the old version, but when in system, it's able to utilize the gravity well to open a temporary rift in reality that allows the ship to enter what we have called "Rainbow Space": there, thanks to a sort of omnipresent spacial distortion, objects with mass are able to accelerate faster than the speed of light, which also makes our space-time bubbles faster. In the various tests we have made lately, we confirmed that space bubbles in Rainbow Space are capable of reaching near identical velocities to the ones reached by Drakari Vessels in Realspace."

"The new drive doesn't use any exotic interdimensional technology, and instead relies on improved, self-sustaining monopole fusion and gravitometric generators, both of which work with Realspace physics and materials."


"I’m sorry for the surprise, but i thought this was the best time to reveal myself, in about a year something big will happen but on that later. "

The emperor carefully inspected the hologram and listened to the emperors. The technology was truely intriguing.

“Fascinating, truely fascinating. It’s like every day we learn about a new convergent dimension to ours, it just shows how much we don’t know about the universe. The monopole fusion tech intrigues me the most. I think that, theoretically, it could be used to improve the design of starbreak engines, making the construction time and efficiency better. Expect our engineers to be in touch.”


(KE)“Fair Enough, as for the Manufacturing, unfortunatly, I doubt the Union Congress would ever allow that tech in our territory, and the Union Population would protest it.”

(GMVN)"As the Representative of the War Council, I expect that the introduction of said weapons would be denied almost immeadiately, Emeraldian Plasma Tech is already very good, and everyone here should know about the Phalanx Laser at this point. I also think the Admiralty would highly object to Antimatter weapons, as that gives bad memories after the Halsey Incident a few years back.

(After Edhelgil Unmasks himself)

King Edward seemed to have not been bothered by it, and the rest of the Delegation remained quiet.

(KE)“You know, I kinda had a feeling you weren’t want you told us.”

Fleet Admiral Nelson curiously looked the Galactyan Hologram.

(FAJ)“Interesting Tech, seems pretty similar to Jump Drive Tech, about time you guys finally had a speedy FTL Drive, I do wonder, what would happen to a vessel if it say, fell out of Rainbow Space?”

(KE)“Fleet Admiral Nelson, Would you care to announce the “project”?”

(FAJ)“Yes, your majesty”

Nelson activated a hologram from his Holopad, which displayed a model of a starship, which, although vaguely Emeraldian, seemed off.

(KE)“Gentlemen, and Ladies, this is the design proposal for what is going to be called the Unity Class Cruiser, designed specifcally for the CCF, and you can already see what Emerald will be bringing to the table, and the design will have room to incorporate various Tech from across the Coalition. Emeraldian Tech that will be built in will be 3 Medium Plasma Cannons, Polaris Nuclear Missiles, Emeraldian Anti-Fightercraft Tech, A Phalanx Laser, and Plasma Torpedoes. The Naval Design Bureau was thinking that Galactya could provide static Defence, sensors, and now most likely Rainbow Space Drives. As for other members, I, and the NDB are open to suggestions.”


"The ships cannot "fall" out of Rainbowspace as it fully transitions into it. However, the right technology would be able create enough gravitometric interference across branes to render a ship not able to move in Rainbowspace anymore."

"An interesting design, I have to say. And yes, the Empire could provide particle beam weapons and other technology for static defense, as well as outfitting the Cruisers with superluminal neutrino scanners and sensors. While a few modifications to the current design of the ships would have to be made, we would also certainly be able to outfit them with the new RGW Drives and proper antimatter and fusion generators to sustain them."