The Gates of Conquest

12th of Xenimatö, 0 BBT, Hour 9
Near the First Gate
Fleet Captain Aisûa Laserö of the 521st Elite Defense Fleet

Aisûa was a well-diciplined member of the Trianarö Imperium Forces, a Kanereö loyal to the Imperö and the Ikaranareans and willing to face death at their command.

Yet, for all her training, she couldn’t shake off the overwhelming sense of dread.

This was no ordinary threat. This was a threat no living thing had faced for well over 500 years. This was a threat that had killed trillions. And here she and her crews would face it alone.

Gods save us, she thought. She knew that the Imperö would give them her blessing, but against a demon like a Krekenai, they would have to hope the gods themselves blessed their success. But there was no point in simply praying. Even if they prayed, action needed to be taken. And so, Aisûa overcame her dread, if not her fear, and the 521st EDF sprung into action.

150 ships were in an EDF. 20 battleships, 40 destroyers, 50 Frigates, and 40 Corvettes. Krekenai were slow in combat, so mobility was not of primary concern. They needed firepower. It was good that she was in command of an Elite Defense Fleet, as the Klixûar class battleships would be her saving grace with their intense firepower. She took a deep breath before giving her first order.

“Release the swarmers from all destroyers and battleships,” she said in the intercom within her suit. She saw on her hologram of the battlespace all of the tiny USVs spill out of their compartments at the “bottom” of all of the ships which held them. She decided to go on the offensive before the Krekenai had any chance to do damage. As the swarmers got into position, she gave the order for her corvettes to go and pepper the demon. It had been over 500 years since the Trianarö had faced demons of this magnitude so she wanted to ensure that she truly understood how to fight this demon. The swarmers and corvettes started firing into the Krekenai, and as they fired, Brown spikes poked out of the thing as it seemed to absorb the barrage of missiles being shot at it, well before they hit it. This was Mosarkran shielding, like a Trianarö ship. In fact, A Krekenai was almost like a twisted biological ship, as would become apparent when the brown spikes that had sprung out of it started opening up and firing missiles of their own, seemingly plasma. They hit and destroyed many of the swarmers but the corvettes were able to get out of the way quickly.

From what she knew of the old military records, a Krekenai’s Mosarkran shielding wasn’t infinite. If the records held true, then it would be like fighting a Flagship. Of course, Flagships could take on fleets, but she could always call for another fleet if it came down to it. However, Aisûa wouldn’t use any more resources then she had to to defeat this threat.

“Frigs, Destroyers, stay a safe distance away, and pummel it with your weapons. Battleships, including us, will get closer to ensure our heavy weapons can hit. We can sustain the damage. Corvettes, keep circling and shooting at it, but focus on drawing its fire away and evasion.”

As her ship got into position, she could see on her datapad that this Krekenai was a formidable foe. In about 2 hours of combat, 12 corvettes were destroyed and shield stress was at about 40-50% on most of the battleships, with the lead battleship she resided on suffering 45% stress to the shielding. Frigates and destroyers could have dodged many of these shots with movement bursts, but they would have eventually been destroyed. The shots from the Krekenai slowed down, and although this was a relief, the fighting continued. The Krekenai wasn’t mobile, but she winced every time she saw a Corvette destroyed. Corvette crews were certainly brave, and the Gods would surely reward them for their service to the Imperö. She saw shield stress on some of the battleships reaching into the 80s with less Corvettes and Swarmers screening them. She thought she might have to pull back, until one of her assistants frantically told her, “Ma’am! Mosarkran readings have vanished. The demons’ shields are down!”

She immediately sent a message. “All ships, shields are down, take aim at the demons head. Glory to Trianar, this battle has been won.”

Commanding all ships to fire at the Krekanai’s head may have been overkill, but watching it die was worth it. She wondered if her ancestors had the same satisfaction. But what she didn’t know is that this was just the beginning, and the fight against the demons would not just be restricted to space. Or Trianarö space.


12th of Xenimatö, 0 BBT, Hour 20
The Imperium Palace on Ikarn
Imperö Penma Alkatrition

Penma was extremely stressed. She had just witnessed the battle near the “Gate,” as her government had begun calling it. She had just saw a Krekenai. A great demon. Something that hadn’t been seen since before the existence of the Imperium. The war against the Xanstals had given Trianar its first an only taste of the power of the Krekenai. Trillions dead, and Ikaranarean populations reduced to only a few billion compared to the trillions that came before them.

Shortly after FC Laserö’s battle near the First Gate, her fleet reported that Gate closing. But just after they had began to think this was an isolated incident, more reports started coming in.

“La Impêras!” One of her aides shouted. “We have at least ten more readings from various fleets! We’re under attack in Sûtra, Xanstal, Sykruko and Mannaö!”

Penma thought for only a moment before she steeled herself. She could do it- the Gods willed it.

“Notify the military- we’re mobilizing, and inform the Izaren Azzum to prepare for mobilization as well. Update the War Rating to 10. This is a crusade, and we will not stop until every last one of these wretched demons are purged from our territory.”

Izaren es nal ta, she thought. War is upon us.



Far away in a distant system, on an asteroid devoid of Civilization. The Old Gods lay silent, plotting their next move. The Allfather observed the Krekanai’s struggle against its unknown foe through the ‘looking glass’ as his followers below tuned the ‘looking glass’ to ensure that they could see all without compromising their location. He lamented the creature’s death as its opponent fired upon its magnificent head and sighed.

Once upon a time, he and the Old Gods had lain claim to a vast empire that spanned the stars through the Mantle of the Way. Raising the primitive species of this sector to Sapience while culling others who denied the Way of Venterra. Though in truth , his predecessors were nothing more than decadent and arrogant Venterrans who enjoyed playing god. But who could blame them for accepting the seductive allure of power and dominance over the other beings… Not the previous Allfather or his followers when they took up arms against their reformist brethren who saw their toys as those imbued with the hearts of Venterra.

Although his ancestors were close to reimposing their will upon the heretics, the Hubris of the Old Gods was fatal. In the final battle of the Mantle wars, the House of Veruk did the unthinkable and banished the Old Gods to the shadows to protect their beloved Disciples, the vurk. The Allfather vaguely recalled that his predecessors claimed that House Veruk nearly fell with them, and although the Old Gods were banished from the light, the hesitation of Veruk, had allowed them to survive.

“Survive…” muttered the Allfather to himself as he looked upon the pitiful state his once glorious birthright had fallen to. The Allfather had taken millenia to find his kin to rebuild his forces and now with these creatures, the Krekenai, the Allfather had an opportunity to test the waters. Although his pet had died, the Old Gods learned and soon they will test the newer Krekenai against this unknown foe and pray that they can once again bask in the light.


Penma looked at her situation. She was facing multiple naval battles now. The “Great Confederation” during the Southern War had not been such a threat- But these Krekenai could seemingly appear anywhere. The attacks were limited, for now, but it was clear that Penma needed to adress the Trianarö. The military was mobilizing, along with the Izaren Azzum, who hadn’t even been mobilized during the Hemmerhaldian War. Such an action should not go announced.

She told the people in the room to prepare for a speech. As her image appeared onto camera on nearly every screen in the country, she spoke.

“Trianarö. Today, we have experienced an attack like no other. The Krekenai have come back. Our ancestors, before we even understood the scale of these creatures’ meaning, beat these menaces back when they aided the Xanstals. Just as our ancestors did, we will destroy these demons and send them to the gates of nothingness, just as they deserve. We are at war level 10. The entirety of our Divine Forces are being mobilized to counteract this threat. Glory to the Imperium!”

The message cut out, and news stations everywhere would be jumping on the bit to talk about it. And soon, the true nature of this war against the Krekenai would be shown in a far away system. A circumstance that nobody had been thinking of. Ground combat.


The Allfather smiled as he walked to the window of his headquarters to look upon the beautiful creatures prepare to leave for battle and to feed. The Krekenai were becoming far more numerous than what the Old Gods’ handlers and so it was time for the Krekenai to leave the safety of the shadows of Ûferperion space and find food. The old gods divided the Krekenai into small packs and larger herds to launch new raids on realspace. One such herd was lead by 3 Titans, thusly named for their immense size and age, who had received the Allfather’s blessing to return to realspace to feed. The herd moved lazily through Ûferperion space nudged on by their larger counterparts until they emerged upon an inhabited world.

The All father watched with glee as he saw the Krekenai emerge from Ûferperion space and take up positions outside the range of the enemy guns as the juveniles emerged from the shadows of their parents eager to prove to the Allfather how capable they were and to sate their own hunger. Some questions lingered within the Allfather as he wondered how he could understand the feelings of the Krekenai as he hadn’t undergone the bonding process between Old God and Krekenai, who would share an almost empathic relationship with both able to read each other’s emotions. Shaking his head once more, the Allfather continued to gaze deeply into the looking glass as the battle for Klixûan begins.


Fleet Captain Antako Alras- A Hemmerhaldian FC- had been stationed in the Klixûan system. Klixûan was no backwater, neccesarily, but it was one of the poorer planets in the Kruxkil Empire. He had with him a Defense Fleet, comprised of 500 Corvettes, 550 Frigates, 425 destroyers, and 125 Battleships. And when he saw the Gate open, seeing the mass of demons, those damned Krekenai spilling out of it, he was shocked. He immediately started giving orders. “Comms, tell the Imperö what is going on, as well as any nearby fleets. We’re outnumbered and we need a Combined Fleet as soon as possible. Precedence to EDFs.”

They were unlucky; They were not an EDF, but a base Defense Fleet, and therefore did not have as many swarmers to cover them. They were unsure of the capabilities of these Krekenai; Many of the demons looked completely new in comparison to old records, which only showed those like the titans. Had those things been evolving, planning for their next attack? With the Xanstals in Trianarö hands, they didn’t have any allies to provide smaller ships. Had they provided them themselves? Whatever the case, it didn’t matter- FC Alras had to ensure the system stayed under Trianarö control. He and his fellow officers in the command room started to formulate a plan for Klixûan’s defense. They agreed that, since they had no clue what enemy tactics would be, and since they were hopelessly outnumbered, the best choice was to use delay tactics. The two closest fleets, An EDF and another DF, were at systems around 7 and 13 light years away, which would take them about 28 and 52 hours to arrive respectively. If they wanted a chance to win this battle, they would need to delay for 28 hours, regroup, delay for another 24, and then push hard. With some luck, it would be possible. He informed captains to set up skeleton crews so that the ships could continue operating the entire time.

In only a few minutes of the Gate opening, the 102nd DF had set up a defensive perimeter around the system. While their numbers didn’t seem impressive, the armament on these ships was extreme and their sizes dwarfed ships of the same class in other militaries. As the demons got closer, long range shots had started to be fired into the herd of Krekenai as the 102nd prepared for a fierce battle.


The Titans rumbled as they moved in front of the herd to shield them from the first volley. The Lead Titan, Alpha roared silently into the void of space as the herd split into three parts with the smaller and younger Krekenai hiding behind their elders. The three parts split dispersed to in three ways. Alpha charged straight ahead as the other titans, Gamma and Epsilon moved left and right to encircle the enemy before them. The Titans endured the Trianaro volleys, returning fire with their own Missiles, intercepting some of the enemy projectiles,destroying some of the smaller ships and bouncing off the hulls of the larger ships. In the eyes of the Titans these larger ships reminded them of great prey, powerful and tough, but well worth the hunt. And so they moved closer and closer to the fleet.

However, the enemy wasn’t about to go down without a fight, as they deployed their swarmers, annoying gnats to the Titans, but deadly to the young whose shields hadn’t fully developed. The younger Krekenai returned fire with their own defenses as they swam through the inky void sharply banking in odd directions, left, right, up, down, in the hopes they could avoid the swarmers that had evaded the Titans’ defenses. Some were felled but it did not matter as more Krekenai began to surge forwards past the swarmers towards their prize the enemy ships. The larger Krekenai opened their maw to devour those smaller ships unlucky enough to be separated in the chaos of battle as the Titans and their herd finally reached the enemy fleet.


FC Alras’ forces had felt the force of this attack already. The demons were powerful, and so damn numerous! But the steady Trianarö ships held fast- many corvettes and some frigs had already been lost in the battle. But with extreme firepower from all angles, the line held- for now. FC Alras ordered corvettes to temporarily pull back, and to only fire from behind a bigger ship, using them as cover, so that their firepower wasn’t lost but there was less of a threat of them being destroyed.

The swarmers were doing well at screening the enemy and battering them while the main ships laid down fire. But with the Krekenai advances, it was looking like they needed to switch tactics a little bit. He gave an order: “Use cluster plasma munitions on the smaller ones as they come near, and focus missile fire on the biggest ones!” He was thinking that such a shift in directed fire would force the demons to fall back, to think, and to reorganize their advances. He needed to delay, at least until the EDF could arrive at the battle to shore up their numbers. Trianarö ships were now shifting, moving in all directions to get better angles and further add to the chaos that would ensue as cluster munitions started firing.


Alpha shuddered as its Mosarkran shielding trembled from the increasing barrage of missiles. The barrage themselves weren’t enough to overwhelm its shields, but it did force Alpha to pause briefly observe its surroundings. All around it the young were dying, stunned by molten clusters of heat and radiation, and picked off by the swarmers. Alpha hesitated, should it pull the herd back and regroup, or continue to press on and hope enough of the young survive to feed and grow… As Alpha contemplated its options, the enemy struck true temporarily blinding the Titan with a flash of plasma. Its survival instincts kicked in as the Titan began to open its maw to signal the others to fall back. Just before Alpha could give the command to fall back, he saw a glimpse of the past, a forgotten discussion with his mentor and later partner.

‘Alpha…’ the blurred figure spoke. ‘I know you’re the first of the Krekenai to bonded to an Old God, but you have to take your lessons seriously. You aren’t a beast or pack animal, or even some weak demon. You are a proud Krekenai, a warrior and leader to your kind.’ The young Krekenai grumbled softly as the small figure sighed, ‘Well it is true your kind are durable, but even that has its limits… Alright I’ll tell you what, I’ll just give you one last tip and we can sneak off into realspace for a snack. I’m sure the Allfather won’t mind if we don’t get caught. What’d you think?’ Alpha shook his head in agreement, ‘Excellent!’ replied the Old god ‘Now Alpha, when the Enemy changes tactics and unleashes new weapons it can only mean one of three things. They are either losing badly and hope to throw you off, stalling for time or it is a trap and they’ve found a weakness to exploit by changing tactics. Nine out of ten scenarios the enemy is losing, since if they were confident the new weapons would work the enemy would use them outright. The more dangerous and but rarer option is reserved for the more cunning but these kinds of commanders are a diamond in the rough since they go against traditional doctrine.’ the old god shrugs, ‘Then again, who knows maybe there are species out their who thrive on deception, but I’d like to think that they’re just stalling for time…’

Alpha roared for the herd to continue the attack as his vision returns oncemore, bolstered by the memory of his partner. ‘These cheap tricks will not deceive me’ the Titan thought as he cleaved through a cruiser blocking his way. His thorned projectiles slicing the swarmers that dared to hurt the young. ‘Soon they will fall, and the krekenai will feast…’


While the tactics were effective, they did little to slow the demon advance. Alras knew that his fleet would come out battered from this battle. He had to slow these damn things down. it had only been 18 hours since combat started, and he had 10 to go before the EDF could arrive at the earliest.

Many of the smaller ones were being fell, but their leaders kept pushing. the pressure on them was extremely high- and they needed to hold until the EDF could arrive. Then he had an idea- of how to turn the enemy advance into a benefit rather than a curse.

He took a deep breath, then he gave orders. “Push forward. Fellow battleships, start firing heavy weapons.”

Battleships had been holding off from their full firepower, conserving energy. And these sturdy, powerful ships would now reach their full firepower. The advancing enemy would be barraged by large beams of plasma and giant missiles reaching a speed of around 6 light years an hour. Though these weapons didn’t fire fast, each hit would ring hard on enemy shields, especially when directed towards the Titans. They would see how the Krekenai fared when met with such force- all while heading straight towards it.



The Allfather observed Alpha’s growth against the unknown foe through the looking glass. His stoic face concealed his pride at the Krekenai for pushing through their foe slowly but surely. His eyes burned fiercely as he watched the Krekenai use their newfound intelligence to flank, evade and destroy their foes.
However, some of his followers below furrowed their brows as they looked upon the looking glass. An uneasy air rose from the lower observatory as some quietlly muttered their concerns.

The muttering soon took a life of its own reaching the ears of the Allfather who bellowed, “CEASE!”
The old gods simmered down as they turned to look upon the Allfather, “But Allfather, the Krekenai are falling faster than expected, will these mindless beasts truly be able to feast upon the planet?” “MINDLESS?!” another Old God Cried out, “I’ll have you know that the Krekenai are proud warriors not mindless beasts of burden!” “Hah as if! These things eat and kill at our pleasure, they are beasts! Nothing more!” another Old God replied as several other laughed mockingly at the sympathetic old god. “I said CEASE!” roared the Allfather again. This time silencing everyone.

“Good.” said the Allfather as he looked down upon the lesser old gods. “Now, these Krekenai may be falling faster than expected, but they are within the acceptable loss parameters, the 3 Titans still remain strong, and the young are adapting faster than the middle aged Krekanai. Artioa is right, the Krekenai are proud warriors not mindless beasts. If they were to remain mindless then we have failed as Gods. Or perhaps we should relinquish godhood?” The questioning stung the other old gods who had previously mocked the Old God Artioa. “N-n-no” stammered the other old gods, “Of course we shan’t dare question ou- we mean your divinity Allfather.”

The All father reclined back to a comfortable position, “Good, now let us continue to observe this fight so we can prepare for the next steps.”
“Yes Allfather” the old gods replied.


15th of Xenimatö, 0 BBT, Hour 14
Ranaras, Centrus System

Intekattikai of the Intek Azzum had been scrambling ever since the initial invasion. Records from centuries ago were being pulled in an effort to provide the TIF with any information they could in their fight against the demons. The Izaren Azzum was mobilizing its fleet and the powerful Sunizarattikai. The Oketao Azzum was sitting on its ass, useless as it generally was in a struggle. You can’t arrest a demon.

But this one chance discovery had changed everything.

Information had trickled in from the ongoing battle over Klixûan in Kruxkil. The scanners of a singular frigate close to where the demons arrived had picked up a Safarkran and Mosarkran signal, not to dissimilar for the Safarkran signals that some ships could use to remotely travel through Trianar’s small gateway network. It had given them as close as they could get to exact readings on the nature of the signal, but if this one hunch was right, they would change the very nature of this war- and perhaps Trianar as a whole.

An intekattik was being sent to Ikarn. The Imperö herself had to be notified.

Same time, Klixûan System
FC Alras

It was useless. No change in tactics was going to dispel the demons. They needed more mass. Frigates and destroyers crumbled as the weight of the Krekenai’s advance had hit them. Even mighty Trianarö battleships, larger and more durable than the vast majority of other star nations’ equivalents, were starting to fall.

But, apparently, the Gods had heard his prayers. After nearly a day* of brutal, continuous combat. a comm appeared in his vision.


The 122nd had arrived. They damn well weren’t done yet. He responded, as quick as he physically could, accepting the request to form a combined fleet. The captain, as was general protocol, had stated that the captain of the engaging fleet- Alras’- was to become captain of the Combined Fleet, temporarily upgrading Alras’ rank to CFC- Combined Fleet Captain.


And in just a few minutes , a new wave of tens of thousands of swarmers filled the space again. They were renewed.

*A Trianarö day is 30 hours. The battle has been going on for approximentally 28 hours at this point.