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Freedom Prevails!

Hey there! Welcome to the Embassy of The Free Nations Region to The South Pacific.

We are a region 200+ nations strong known for our roleplay community and our defender military.

Here you can find updates and announcements from our region.

I apologize I wasn’t able to create this sooner, I’ve been busy for the past few months… :sweat_smile:
The OP also looks a bit empty, I’ll try to fix that when I have the time!

But for now, I’ll provide recent news from us.

After the conclucion of both the General and Ministerial elections, we now have new officials on the cabinet!

For the General Elections, I’ve been elected as the new President, and Mally Piznoopia, a new citizen, has been elected as the new WA Delegate. No one ran for speaker, so I nominated FoolishTrooper.

For the Minsterial Elections, Orvos, Burgermond and Obets managed to keep their positions as Minister of Culture, Defence, and as Roleplay Delegate respectively. The previous president was then elected as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Quiameth and NCR were then elected as Minister of Internal affairs and Immigration respectively.

if anyone asks, our old embassy can be found here.


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Heyo! Our government along with The League & Concord and The Union of Democratic States has published a Joint Statement regarding yesterday’s attack in the region. We’d appreciate if you could give it a read and maybe upvote! We’d also like to thank the SPSF for assisting in the defence of the region!

Joint Statement on Rejecting Intimidation and Subversion