The Freak Show

This is a continuation of the story on the old forums.

Raidership Skalla, Lafars Band
Position A1-0: (1050,743) lys

Chief Nitup scratched his forehead as the echo on the monitor disappeared. Perhaps there was no ship in the trap after all? Or had it escaped? Ever since word of the Freak Show had spread, they had been able to capture three exotic vessels that were left stranded immobilised due to being unable to go to warp. Escaping was simply not possible. At least during the short time it took for the Band to arrive.

“You may as well deactivate the aggregates. Conserve energy. False alarm I reckon” Nitup told his bridge crew.

“Take us in. I want to see if something’s there that could have triggered the proximity alert.”

The Skalla investigated the coordinates where the echo had last appeared but were unable to determine what had triggered the alarm. They left the area and reactivated the trap. As they returned to their base they were unaware of what lurked in their wake.

To be continued.

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