The Empire of Novus Daemonica


The Empire of Novus Daemonica, (END) is a Heriditary military dictatorship formed after the signing of the Twilight Contract between the house of Fiore and the Demon king. The contract elevated the Fiore and their vassals as an infamous kingdom who turned their backs on the gods. However, in truth the End is essentially a decentralized shogunate, ruled de jure by the Fiore Family, but is de facto ruled by clan Kensei who serve the Fiore family with distinction and honor. The Shogunate itself divides the islands into provinces and special districts installing noble lords whose contracts with demons ensures that the people remain safe within their borders.

However, the symbiotic relationship of the humans and demons has allowed the Empire to contract out its military forces to fight on behalf of other Kingdoms. Though the End is an effective fighting force, those foolish enough to refuse to compensate the End for their services will be invaded ending their reign, leaving a wake of chaos and devastation, hence the End.

Main character

Name: General Akira Kensei
Description: Demon King of the Northern Realms & Shogun of the End
Brief Bio: De Facto Ruler of the End, General Kensei is a ruthless battlefield commander who rose to prominence ending several small Kingdoms that refused to compensate his forces. He is also the chief guardian of the current Empress Athene Fiore after saving her from an assassination attempt by remnants of a former kingdom. Despite his ruthless nature on the battle field, Kensei follows a code of honor and refuses to subject non-combatants to oppression and injustice
Name: Empress Athene Fiore
Description: Empress of the End
Brief Bio: A young women who survived several assassination attempts that ended the lives of her mother and father. Despite being a symbolic Figure head of the Empire, she has worked tirelessly to improve the living conditions of those living under the jurisdiction of the End.
Name: Shura Veritas
Description: Mad scientist of House Veritas
Brief Bio: A researcher who believes that Science will inevitably surpass magic. Shura despises the Order for hoarding all magical artifacts and believes them to be hypocrites despite the relative poverty of acolytes. Shura is also the chief inventor of the End’s Signature Fire lances and gunpowder specialist of the Ends.

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