The Emperor's Decree


As Delegate Griffindor strides into the grand Assembly building, the echo of his footsteps reverberates through the marble halls, announcing his arrival with an air of authority. His presence commands attention as he stands tall, exuding confidence and determination. The assembled legislators, representatives from various nations across the South Pacific, turn their heads in surprise at the unexpected entrance of Griffindor. Murmurs ripple through the chamber as they recognize the figure before them, known for his boldness and unconventional methods.

“Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed legislators,” Griffindor begins, his voice ringing out with conviction. “Today marks a new era for the South Pacific. For too long, we have been shackled by the chains of conformity and mediocrity. But no more! Today, I, Delegate Griffindor, declare myself Emperor of the South Pacific!”

Gasps of astonishment fill the room as the legislators exchange bewildered glances, unsure of how to react to this sudden proclamation.

“And as my first act as Emperor,” Griffindor continues, his voice booming with authority, “I hereby decree that anyone who dares to support the abomination known as pie shall face the ultimate consequence: execution!”

Shock and disbelief sweep through the assembly as Griffindor’s words sink in. Some legislators recoil in horror, while others bristle with defiance. But Griffindor remains undeterred, his gaze unwavering as he awaits the response of those gathered before him.

With a nod of acknowledgment from the Chair of the Assembly and murmurs of support from key figures such as the Prime Minister, Cabinet members, Chief Justice, and others, Griffindor’s bold decree gains traction. With purposeful strides, Griffindor exits the chamber, his gaze fixed on the path ahead.

The stage is set for the execution of Griffindor’s decree, a stark reminder of the consequences of dissent in the newly established reign of Emperor Griffindor. And as the crowd watches in silence, the sound of the guillotine’s blade slicing through the air serves as a chilling testament to the power and authority of the Emperor of the South Pacific.

(Thank you ChatGPT for your help, I could not have been this diabolical on my own)

Also, Happy April Fools, for those in the New World, at least)!


Easily the worst part.


Silence! (I know :cry: , that’s why I blurred it)