The East Pacific Embassy

Hello TSP!! Delegate elections have concluded with the appointment of Shadow/Eastern Alksearia as the next leader of TEP’s Executive!! You can check the election process and winner announcement here.

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Congratulations to Shadow!

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Hello again TSP!! Yesterday, Shadow announced their cabinet for the newly started term. I forward here the message they posted on TEP’s main Discord server:

ALRIGHTY FOLKS! Welcome to the Shadow Administration!

Delegate: Shadow
CMoFA: Dremaur
CMoRA: Aga
Minister of Culture: I’m Dead
Minister of News: [POSITION IS OPEN]
Minister of Outreach: Sammy (New Leganes)
Minister of World Assembly: Cappedore
UTEP Chancellor: Patchorisu (interim) [POSITION IS OPEN]
Overseeing Officer of EPSA: Vor
Cabinet Advisors: Serge (Libertanny), Aurora (Albrook), Altys

Ex Oriente Lux!

So help me Ademar if you ask under which Concordat

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Congratulations to the new Cabinet!

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Shadow thanks your congrats!!!

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Hello again TSP!! With a bit of delay due to my laptop’s repairing, I bring you all the latest EPNS edition:

The 21st Edition of the Eastern Pacific News Service has been published! Do give it a read - this month has topics including our new Delegate, their cabinet, ongoing flag contests, legal happenings with the region, N-and-Z-Day in review, and NS Trading Cards Season 3.

Do check it out within:

Dispatch: NationStates | Dispatch | EPNS Lite November 2022 Issue

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