The case of Mad King Baldwin

It’s time for another creative writing piece, any feedback would be loved. Fyi this was rushed, not my best work.

When one inquires around the RMB about the Southern Dependencies, one thing that is a constant mention is that of her king - Baldwin, or Baldwin the Mad. There are countless tales of his madness: from Running through his palace nude while shouting “Here comes the airplane,” to a recent case of him declaring war on the fictional characters of the Smurfs. However, few will turn to ask what is wrong with Baldwin? Well, in this case, we’ll have a delve into the secrets.

When William Evelyn de Witt Sedgemore entered this miserable plain of existence between the 16th and 17th of April 1971, he appeared abnormal. That was until around 4 years old, when he began to display signs of something being… Wrong. His family doctor wrote of this in 1974, “Young William has begun to display acts of bizarre behavior, Violent, aggressive behavior and agitation.” Nevertheless, nothing was done.

At age five, he was sent to the prestigious British school of Gordonstouns, where he surprisingly excelled. So much, in fact, he went on to study at Oxford university. Yet, he continued to display symptoms of something being wrong (delusions, hallucinations, Disorganized thinking, and at times lack of emotion). It was at Oxford he would have his first episode. It would take place on December 26th, 1991 (the same day the USSR croaked), William was attending mass that day when he stood up in the middle of prayers, stripped down and ran around screaming “the shadow men are trying to kill me,” despite this scene being hilarious, it deeply worried the staff. But, with a large bribe, he was allowed to finish his degrees - since he was a very bright student and excelled above others.

In 1992, having graduated from Oxford with several degrees, William returned to the Falklands where he and his spouse settled (his family aren’t mentioned as few cases actually occur in their presence), and by now, William was mad as a hatter. He was known in Goose Green to carry a 9in blade on him, claiming it was to “stop the shadow men.”

Between 1992 and 2020 few incidents are *recorded, but in 2020 they came back. The first record states that William attempted while in the US to enter restricted areas of the Library of Congress, he claimed the “voices had told him to do it,” he was banished from the USA for 20 years as a result. After that, the record slips again.

Upon William Evelyn de Witt Sedgemore creating the Southern Dependencies on January 16th 2023, at first he seemed calm. But after proclaiming himself emperor his cases came back. What exactly is wrong with Sedgemore, perhaps we’ll never truly know? Maybe he’s putting it on? Maybe he’s constantly on drugs?

The end.

Hi, if you read this far and you wanna give feedback please do, it is greatly helpful to me. Preferably do this through direct channels, I am very nervous and get very anxious about being openly criticized and embarrassed. I’m not really a public speaker sorta guy. Anyways thanks for reading.


Hey! Looks Great! But… our RP is not set on Earth(Thus, no Soviets or US).

Not the kinda feedback I was asking for… But ok. (Also, I asked that feedback be given privately).

This is great mate! I always loved baldwins shenanigans. I would be intrested to see a bit of his family past.


Ask and I shall give :smiley:


they put the creative writing tag tho, never said it happened in Pacifica

You’re right, none of my Creative writing pieces take place in Pacifica. Unfortunately to some members of the TSP, this isn’t obvious by the fact I tagged it as a creative writing piece. Also I’d like to keep my comment sections debate free… If possible plz.