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About the Bruuman leader, did you know that…

According to researchers, the origin of the pseudonim Unclepear lies in the childhood of the former dictator of Bruuma. During his childhood in Port Bayou in the 1930s, the then Robert Knight worked as an apprentice along with another boy to a local voodoo witch doctor, commonly referred by the community with honorific title of “Uncle”. Thus, the two were referred as the “Uncle’s pair”, a nickname that, misspelled, then became Knight’s nom de guerre when he joined the then banned Workers’ Mojo Party. It is thought that by appealing to the voodoo tradition, widely rooted among the poor black Bruumans, Papa Unclepear managed to rally and galvanize far more effectively the rebel, mostly illiterate, guerrillas than its orthodox Marxist intellectual comrades.

About the Puerto Polloan leader, did you know that…

Puerto Polloan refers colloquially to their male fellow citizens as “Pollo”. The current leader of the nation, whose real name is Daniel Mendoza, was known for his fierce temper in his youth and was nicknamed “El Pollo Diablo”. Its title as “Capitan Maximo” is instead rooted in the country history. The first colonial settlement, the capital Danjer Cove, was founded by pirates, who were then chased out by the colonial power who took over the island. When the local elite pushed for independence in the early XIX century, their leaders referred to themselves as “Capitanos”, hinting at the old rivals of the Motherland. Since then, it has become a synonymous for “leader” in the country.

About the Kai Fa leader, did you know that…

The title of Chairman of the Communist Party of Kai Fa, currently held by Core Leader Lo Pol, originates in the early days the Civil War fought between 1937 and 1949, when the guerrillas would hold meeting in their ramshackle bases, where often there was, if any, just one chair which was reserved for the cell leader, while the other members sat on the floor as he spoke. It then became an honorific title for the Party’s head.


Less defectors and exiles are sending more money to family in Bruuma, but the sums are increasings

In 2022, 18% of Bruuman defectors and exiles, according to a new survey which involved 400 people in different countries, have sent money to family and friends in their home country, down from 21% a year earlier. But the survey estimated that the total amount this group sent to the this year was $195,000, $25,000 more than last year.

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