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3rd of March, 2023.

Eva Anastoti - who’s the women behind the fiery tongue?
by Lazaros Valoglou

The world forum has been quite a spectacle recently. After the unjustified and genocidal use of a nuclear weapon by Ludville a battle in it had started to pass a resolution to call for international intervention, strongly opposed by the state of Izaakia. One voice has gained the most attention out of all, our very own ambassador and creator of the resolution, Eva Anastoti. So today the sailor brings you a exclusive view of the life of the women with a fiery tongue.

We’ll start from the very beginning. Eva was born in 1967 in a village of the then Shataran controlled island of Notilamini into the Anastoti family, a notable clan tracing it’s earliest roots to the waring states period. From a young age she had shown many talents, most notably in the fields of language and leadership. This propelled her forwards early in life, but because of the backwards nature of the state she lived in she was limited by the fact that she was both Agean and a women.
“Those years ware tuff,” she said, “I was constantly preforming excellently but was always ranked bellow my Rykapadian classmates because of my nationality”

Even so, she never gave up, the discrimination only pushing her to be better. Soon tho she would encounter a organization that would help her out a lot, the resistance.
“My father was a prominent figure there, and i followed in his footsteps. To me it was only logical to fight against the people who tried to beat me down my whole life.”
Thanks to the resistance she became a journalist for “Democracy and Freedom”, a agean nationalist newspaper that was banned by the Shataran, but was continued being published in seacret.
Soon after getting the job she would marry and have her only son.

Eva’s life would change drastically in her in her late 20s.
“I remember hearing the news from my husband and quickly rushing to my writting table. I wrote in bold capital letters “THE DAY OF GLORY HAS COME”.”
The revolution had started and quickly spread across the archipelago. Eva wasn’t on the fronts, but she helped out the revolution every way she could. Soon the oppressive kingdom became the congressional republic, and with that democracy was returned to the nation after more than a two thousand years.

“I couldn’t not get into politics,” she said, “for me it was the logical next step to take, to be part of the state I’ve been fighting for with my pen and typewriter”
She began her political career by joining the Democratic alliance for freedom of Thalapadis, the megaparty spawned by the revolution, but it soon split up into the parties we know today, with her being one of the founding members of GAIA, the green party. After being a backbencher and representative in the congress for multiple years she was appointed as the ambasador to UPRAN, a position in which she showed great skill and competency, securing many important deals, becoming Thalapadis’es most successful diplomat.

In 2022 that title got her a special offer
“Thalapadis had joined the world forum. I was sent a letter with a suprising offer, to be the permanent representative of Thalapadis in the world forum, the highest honor a diplomat could get. I would have been stupid to refuse, and so i went to Grovne to take up my new role”

And like that she came to her current position, but what does she plan for the future?
“I really like this job, and it is a great honor to represent my nation in the international community, but very exhausting. I do not plan to resign any time soon, but when i do i was thinking of moving to north Zoitami valey in Padipeirou. My son and his wife have a vineyard there and it could be a nice place to retire.”


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28 of March, 2023.

Opposition wants a monarch! The government fights passionately against it
by Lazaros Valoglou

For a good chunk of the month representatives of all major opposition parties (although STRATA reps left soon after the start) and provincial governors of certain provinces have been negotiating something in full secrecy, with no one knowing what it is. Earlier in the morning they revealed the plans in front of the whole congress to strong uproar from the government: they wanted a monarchy.

Ever since the revolution Thalapadis has been a republic. On the main islands the idea of monarchy is still strongly associated with the Shataran and with opression. Many people have fought themselves in the revolution against monarchy and want to have nothing to do with it, even if the monarch was agean

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Padipeirans on the other hand don’t hold the same taboo over monarchy. A good chunk of the city states, including major ones like Vivliapoli and Chrysa, ware monarchies before joining the TCR. Many people still hold strong ties to their old monarchs, and want them back.

The proposal, not surprisingly spearheaded by the monarchist party, but supported by others like the National Rally and Rykapadian Union, would rewrite Thalapadis’es constitution to turn it into a constitutional monarchy, with the monarch having actual power, and would allow for formed monarchs to get noble titles and some power in their respective provinces. This far out proposal is being rejected by the hardline republican Democratic Socialist party and their coalition partner GAIA. It is suspected that the proposal is so extreme in the hope that the government would make some concessions but that for now seems unlikely. The alliance of parties that brought forth the proposal are threatening to “force the government to negotiate a compromise if they’re not willing to freely agree to it.” How they mean to achieve that is unknown, but many expect spring to be marked with chaos and political turmoil.